Not just better.  Different.

HypnoThoughts Live isn’t just the biggest, most diverse, and most fun hypnosis conference in the world.  It’s built from the ground up to be different from anything else.  If you’ve never been (or haven’t been in a while), you owe it to your business and your clients to see for yourself why it’s the conference that is talked about all year long.  We’ve built it from the ground up to be more than just an educational event.  HypnoThoughts Live truly is an experience.

JULY / 19,20,21/ 2024

New Location, Even Better Experience

 This is a huge announcement.  We have been looking for years to find the right balance of value, quality, size, and location.  Finally, someone built what we’ve been looking for.

We are committed to not only making the best, most fun, most diverse, and most inclusive conference possible, we also want to provide the most value.  That means we’ve worked hard with the new venue to keep costs down for you, and included a $100 food voucher for the first 750 attendees!

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What Makes HypnoThoughts Live so Special?

World Class Presenters

The best presenters from around the world know that HTL helps them reach the largest audience and network with the biggest names in the industry.  That’s why we get instructors who won’t even consider going anywhere else.

Fun Networking Events

Community and fun is at the center of what makes HTL different.  Turn those mentors into colleagues and build lifelong friendships.  Late night conversations can change your career, inspire new action, inform big decisions, and create relationships you can call on in the future.  

A Commitment to Your Experience and Development

We obsess about the details.  We’ve been to over 100 Conferences and Conventions and know what makes the difference between good and great.  We listen to your feedback and implement changes every year to keep making HTL incrementally better and better.  As part of our commitment to this community, we are as transparent as possible about our decisions, speaker selections, policies, and ambitions.  

Unmatched Value

When you register for HTL, you are investing your time, money, and effort into a conference that must improve your ability to help people and succeed in your business.  We honor that by making sure that all the classes over the 3 day conference are included in the registration, and that there are no sales pitches disguised as classes.  We are committed to you returning home with new skills, insights, motivation, and friends…every year.

Pre and Post conference workshops offer you a chance to learn from some of the biggest names in the industry for days on end at a discounted rate.  Take a single day or multiple day long class with a person you’ve always wanted to train with.

An Experience For Everyone

Whether you are brand new to hypnosis or have been seeing clients for decades, you’ll find new content, interesting perspectives, and great conversations at HypnoThoughts Live.  There are classes to help you learn hypnosis fundamentals, client-centered techniques, advanced theory, and plenty of business and marketing classes to help you become more successful.  We even help foster new voices by supporting new presenters and finding talent from all over the world to help you help more people.

Representation Matters

HypnoThoughts was built on the idea of giving a platform to different view points and applications of hypnosis, and you’ll see that reflected in our presenters. We are including a wider variety of topics that you don’t normally find at hypnosis conferences.

At HypnoThoughts Live you won’t just learn new techniques for being a better practitioner.  We provide courses that will change the way you view hypnosis and run your practice. New voices, new perspectives, and new topics.

Year Round Engagement

While HTL and the Pre and Post Conference workshops are great, we don’t stop there. Check out our facebook group or join HTLive365 to get more educational content delivered to you every month.