Welcome home! 

That’s right!  We’ve moved to the Sahara Hotel on the strip!

The honest truth is, we’ve been looking to move for six years but we weren’t willing to move until we found something great.  Finding a venue that is the right size for us (too big and we get crammed into the corner of a massive convention center, too small and we won’t be able to grow) is just the beginning of the challenges.  HypnoThoughts Live is about community, so it’s important that the space in which we hold the conference to support that cause.

We will be adding tips, tricks, videos, and more so that when you get to the new home of HTL, you’ll feel right at home.

JULY / 19,20,21/ 2024

What’s improved?

I couldn’t be more excited about this upgrade.  It’s a significantly nicer experience for all of our attendees.  First, is natural light in the convention space.  Bright, open and vibrant as you walk to and from classes in the recently renovated, modern space.  Air quality, arguably the most complained about aspect of our prior location, is no longer an issue.  The food and entertainment choices are also significantly upgraded, with options at the high end, middle of the road, and budget options.  Your bedroom will be nicer as well, though you didn’t come to Vegas to get a great nights sleep every night.  When you do make it back to your room, though, you’ll get a great night sleep in a comfortable bed.  Oh, did I mention there’s a refrigerator in every room?  We really tried to think of everything we could to make sure you love this place.

Experience Matters

Anyone who’s been to HTL knows how important it is for us to build a sense of community. we’ve Worked with the Sahara to create a place where you can create more vegas memories while you build friendships.  Just a few ideas:

Conversation Spaces

The Sahara is full of awesome little spaces for an impromptu conversation.  Lounges, bars, couches, and nooks are great for private chats, or you can visit the beautiful bars, the three pools, or the Ultra Lounge to see and be seen.  There’s plenty of opportunities to run into other attendees all over the property now.


This is going to surprise a lot of people. We’ve used the lunch time to build relationships, and we still want that to be the case, but we want to do it in a way that offers more choice. Rather than buy everyone lunch, we’ve decided to GIVE THE FIRST 750 ATTENDEES, WHO BOOK THEIR ROOM USING OUR DISCOUNT LINK, a $100 credit for any bar or restaurant on the property. Want to buy your favorite presenter a drink and ask them some follow up questions? Want to take someone over to Starbucks for a sandwich and coffee? We’ve already paid for it, but you get to be generous. Seriously. We are giving you a $100 to share with each other and build a community. Please book your room using our direct link and the $100 will be added to your folio upon check in.  


We’ve negotiated a discounted price for all our attendees to use the Vegas Monorail, which has a stop at the lobby of our hotel. That means you have access to all of Las Vegas without ever needing an Uber.  Groups of 50 can head to Fremont st. or to any of the amazing shows that Las Vegas has to offer.  Tag along with new friends without wondering who’s paying for the Uber or when everyone will arrive.  Building relationships or enjoying time with your family is easier than ever at HTL.