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Stephanie Conkle


Stephanie Conkle is an award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist with more than 11 years of experience working with clients on a daily basis. She is a Client Centered Hypnotherapy Instructor and both teaches and mentors hypnotherapy students in advanced therapeutic techniques. Stephanie Conkle is an industry innovator and is well known for creating the highly successful Profound Somnambulism Protocol with Subconscious Dialogue (the PSP). She is a published author, public speaker, mother of three, and an advocate for children with Autism. Her memberships include the NGH, ICBCH, AAH, and the IMDHA.

Ericksonian Utilization Process

Utilization is one of the most important processes a hypnotherapist can use in the clinical setting, with the exception of rapport (which is only one aspect of Utilization), most hypnotherapists have not been properly trained in this area, which greatly increases the success of the therapeutic hypnotic process when done properly. Milton Erickson mastered the varying levels of Utilization, a term he coined, and Stephanie teaches these Ericksonian processes by bringing it up-to-date, without changing the fundamentals of the approach. By taking this class, you will:

– Learn what the Utilization process is and how Milton Erickson used it
– Understand the benefits of incorporating Utilization with every client
– Know how to implement Utilization techniques into your daily work
– Add a powerful Ericksonian skill set to your hypnotic tool box
– Feel more confident in your abilities as hypnotherapist
– Be more secure in the outcome of your sessions

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference