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Kate Beaven-Marks


Kate Beaven-Marks is an energetic, enthusiastic, experienced clinical hypnotist, hypnotherapy trainer, international presenter and author, with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of hypnosis which is supported by her extensive studies and research (including doctoral research of how hypnotherapy is taught) and a broad range of practical applications including medical and surgical hospital environments and a busy London-based hypnotherapy practice. As well as teaching with HypnoTC (co-founder), she has taught in Universities, Colleges and in the NHS. Contributing to the hypnotherapy profession is a key interest for Kate, together with a passion for raising hypnotherapy education standards. She is an experienced and sought-after clinical supervisor and has an active role on the Profession Specific Board for Hypnotherapy with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and is Chair of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH). This is supported by a range of memberships and Fellowships with a broad range of hypnotherapy, education and professional organisations.

Locus of Contol: Influencing Change and Developing Emotional Responsibility

This practical workshop explores the Locus of Control scale, how to identify a client’s location on the scale, the implications and influences of this, and how to help the client achieve a more balanced position, leading to a more engaged, empowered and emotionally-responsibly client. It also offers insight to the therapist about their own Locus of Control, how this may influence their therapy choices and how they can become more flexible in their approach to enhance therapeutic outcomes.

Hypnosis Research: 10 tips for Conducting and Using Hypnosis Research

‘Evidence-based practice’ and ‘Practice-based evidence’ can both support and enhance the work of a hypnotist and hypnotherapist. This workshop explores how to find and use a range of hypnosis evidence, how to design your own research and what this can add to your practice. It also presents an example of how to conduct hypnosis research with groups, illustrated with the findings of research conducted at a UK conference.

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference