Friday 2024

Friday 2024
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Albert Bramante

Title: Breaking The Martyr's Chains: Empowering Clients to Live Authentically

Bio: Albert Holds a Phd in Psychology and just has a book released on Ending Self Sabotage. Albert works mainly with actors as a theatrical agent and coach

Talk Description: We will explore the Martyr theme, a common pattern that plagues many lives, often without conscious awareness. Drawing from both psychological insights and personal experiences, we will delve into the roots of this self-sacrificing behavior and provide practical tools to help clients break free from its grip. Participants will not only gain a deep understanding of the Martyr theme but also leave with practical tools and a renewed sense of purpose. Together, we will empower our clients to break free from this pattern, allowing them to live more authentic and fulfilling lives.

Albert Nerenberg

Title: Movie Therapy - Change your movie, Change your life

Bio: As a TEDX and IdeaCity speaker, Albert Nerenberg has done some of the most watched hypnosis talks ever, including the TEDX Is Hypnosis Fake at nearly 12 million views. Other talks at IdeaCIty and WILDX have all gone viral. Nerenberg, who has performed hypnosis all over the world, specializes in new approaches to hypnosis and new hypnotic inductions.

He is also and award-winning documentary filmmaker and currently working on films dealing with new aspects of hypnosis.

Talk Description: This is one of the easiest way to understand Hypnosis: Generally the conscious mind thinks in WORDS while the unconscious mind thinks in MOVIES. Many people who feel distressed in life, feel they are living in a dreary black and white movie. That's because the stressed mind dispenses with colour and vibrancy. Movie Therapy, is a new modality developed by Albert Nerenberg, who is also an award-winning filmmaker. Movie Therapy uses the principle that when we improve our internal movie, our lives improve. This modality is highly effective, because it allows people who are normally nervous or confused about hypnosis to immediately grasp it. It also sets out systems by which people can internally transform their internal movie with concrete results. The workshop outlines this new approach and outlines an exciting way to apply Movie Therapy while respecting traditional hypnotic protocols.

Amanda Dell'Aquila

Title: Creating your online course: Am I ready?

Bio: With 10+ years of experience in designing and developing online courses for Apple, Staples, DJI, Microsoft and more, Amanda is pleased to share her secrets with people like you so you can create your next level of financial freedom.

Talk Description: Explore what it takes to successfully create an online hypnosis course. From research, to planning, to platforms and marketing - we’ll explore what it takes to build an online course so you can intelligently move forward with creating one.

Amye Scharlau

Title: Hypnosis in Pop Culture

Bio: Amye Scharlau has been both a clinical and stage hypnotist for over 20 years! She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a highly sought after stage performer and motivational speaker.

Talk Description: Explore the historical memes that can make or break your hypnosis sessions

Angie Hernandez

Title: Entity Release and Soul Retrieval

Bio: Hypnotherapist for 14 years as well as author of four books, Angie J. Hernandez has been one to stretch her mind to new challenges. “If I can do it, YOU can do it,” is her training motto. She knows that learning from someone with experience can inspire the student to reach even higher achievements than the teacher. From a small town in Indiana, Angie has canoed Lake Shipshewana, been an exchange student, lived in the mountains and Las Vegas. She’s a Gran to four fabulous grandkids (do NOT ask to see pictures) and been married over 40 years to hubby, Gamal. Angie welcomes you to HTL24!

Talk Description: When I was a new hypnotist, I ran up against scary Entities with two consecutive clients and I didn't know how to handle it. This class will teach you what I have learned and experienced over my years of practice. Entities can cause havoc to a client by affecting their moods, their behaviors and even physical issues. We will learn and practice sending Entities to the Light. Then we will search for fragments of the Soul that have been taken away to restore them to your client. This is a fascinating side of hypnosis that can have lasting effects on your clients' wellbeing and give you the confidence to meet with any situation.

Art Kuhns

Title: Harmonizing Mind and Spirit: The Power of Reiki-Infused Hypnotherapy

Bio: Hi I am Art Kuhns Owner of Breaking Day Hypnotherapy. I am a certified Hypnotherapist from Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) and a Reiki Master/ Teacher My roots being in energy healing, I know that true healing is holistic. The healing must be Mind/Emotion, Body and Spiritual to be complete. My motto became, “Reiki Infused Hypnotherapy for your Ultimate Success” I look for ways to empower my clients, to find and unlock their own inner healer. Once this power is found and unleashed, a life of intention, awareness and harmony can unfold. Reiki infused hypnosis enables the client to connect intuitively and heal holistically. I am members of two associations: The International Certification Board for Clinical Hypnotherapists (ICBCH) and International Hypnosis Federation (HFI) Toastmaster member since 2014 / currently president of local club

Talk Description: Are you ready to take your hypnotherapy practice to the next level and facilitate profound, lasting change in your clients? Whether you are already an energy healer or looking to learn the benefits of infusing energy healing into your sessions, this class is for you. Join me for an enlightening class that delves into the profound synergy of energy healing and hypnotherapy. Discover how integrating Reiki and other healing energy modalities can revolutionize your approach to holistic healing, bringing transformative results for the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. In this class, you'll explore: The Secret of Deeper Transformation: Learn how the subtle yet potent energy of Reiki enhances your clients' connection to their subconscious mind, enabling the release of limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors. Reconnect to True Self: Uncover the essence of peace within the heart and mind as we guide you through the process of reconnecting your clients with their authentic selves. Mastering the Pre-Talk: Understand how the right pre-talk can prepare your clients for healing at the root cause, helping them navigate challenging memories as they arise during the session. Spiritual Healing for Long-Lasting Results: Discover how the combination of energy healing and hypnotherapy creates a holistic transformation that goes beyond the superficial, leading to enduring healing at the spiritual level. Embrace the profound potential of energy healing within the realm of hypnotherapy and elevate your practice to new heights. Don't miss this opportunity to become a master of holistic transformation.

Brandon Dean

Title: Subconscious Success Coaching

Bio: Brandon Dean is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Certified Professional Coach. He performs regularly as a stage hypnotist and maintains his practice, Red Chair Hypnosis.

Talk Description: Subconscious Success Coaching merges Solutions-Focused Coaching techniques with hypnosis. Learn a few easy but effective coaching exercises and techniques used by a Certified Professional Coach (CPC is a professional designation recognized by the International Coach Federation), and how to merge those techniques with the hypnotic state. Excellent for both clients who feel stuck, and those seeking peak performance. Use Subconscious Success Coaching with a client to identify and solidify goals and benchmarks and create action plans; use hypnosis to correct any subconscious barriers to your client achieving their goals.

Brenda Gray

Title: Hypnosis is for Everyone!

Bio: I am the introverted hypnotist, coming out of my shell to share the amazing benefits of hypnosis. For almost ten years now I have learned from some of the best in the industry and it is my wish to share this amazing journey by making hypnosis a "normal" part of creating the life we desire.

Talk Description: What are the demographics of your practice? Are BIPOC less represented as clients? Why? Lets talk about why and how we can get hypnosis to everyone who can benefit from our services and break down some of the myths and stereotypes that keep some people away from our services and potential life changing help.

Bruce Eimer

Title: Hypnosis for Surgery Preparation

Bio: Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP is a Florida Licensed Psychologist and Certified Hypnotherapist with offices in Lake Worth and Delray Beach Florida who specializes in treating patients with chronic pain and depression. He offers online and in-office appointments. Bruce has authored nine books and over 100 articles and book chapters. He regularly teaches workshops on Pain Control Hypnosis to hypnotherapists and health professionals. His websites are and

Talk Description: Hypnosis is an empirically validated treatment tool for pain, but its efficacy is based on the client's hypnotic suggestibility and the skillful use of direct analgesic suggestions. Hypnotic suggestibility is mostly determined by the clinical context which includes rapport, competent use of language, the clinician’s skills,and the patient’s motivation. Efficacy of direct analgesic suggestions is determined by the clinician’s hypnotic language skills. After attending this mini-course, you will be able to (1) assess and harness the suggestibility of a client with severe pain, and (b) formulate and deliver hypnotic analgesia suggestions that match the client's suggestibility.

Carlos Casados

Title: Time for a Change: Mastering Time Line Therapy

Bio: Carlos Casados is an executive trainer, developmental consultant, and mindset coach based in Southern CA. In his work, he prefers to focus on the areas of Strategic Communication, Conflict Resolution, Holistic Wellness, and Leadership. Carlos has his own podcast called The Authenticity Show and has been featured in the viral documentary film, Enlightenment, Amazon Prime's video series, Destination, as well as in LA & OC Travel Magazines. Carlos has over 3 decades of experience working, in-depth, with psychoactive healing compounds as well as 15 years of NLP & Hypnosis practice. His approach makes use of problem states as gateways leading to solutions and the Shadow Work as an ideal counterpart to awakening one's light. As a Generative Systemic Coach, he guides his clients to realize the interconnectedness of the phenomenal world and the importance of holism

Talk Description: Would you like to master one of the most versatile models within the hypnosis and NLP field and begin feeling confident, using it to help you transform your client’s lives immediately? ‘Time Line Therapy’, a.k.a. ‘Time Dynamics’, ‘Time Techniques’, has multiple names but one main goal - healing transformation by utilizing the way you sort for time and leveraging it for the changes you wish to experience. It addresses Beliefs, Values, Decisions, Identity, Traits, States, Behaviors, and much more. The method incorporates how you learned to engage your personal meaning-making functions within your concept of ‘Time’, as it relates to your specific issue or area of special focus. This method originated with Richard Bandler and was further developed into a tangible model by Wyatt Woodsmall and Tad James. Of all the various methods I’ve been exposed to in the past 15 years, Time Line Therapy has been one of the most versatile and applicable methodologies I use with clients across many contexts and with a huge variety of presenting issues but, there’s a catch. If certain keys are missed in the set up or the principles aren’t applied with precision and wisdom, the results will be far less shiny. That is why I am offering this masterclass. My goal is to introduce a powerful technology for change work for the inexperienced and for those who already have the basics I want to help you take it to the next level! We will look at the steps but also the underlying principles that make Time Line Therapy work.

Gail Webster

Title: Releasing Karmic Relationships

Bio: Change Agent, Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Trance Medium, Author, Aspiring Mentalist

Talk Description: Do you feel trapped in a relationship, job or place? This may be the talk you need to hear.

Dan Candell

Title: Hypnosis Business Jam Session: The Million Dollar Group Session Framework

Bio: Known as “The Anxiety Relief Guy,” Dan travels the world teaching people to release anxiety quickly and gain confidence on demand. Dan is also a multi-award winning hypnotist, author, podcast host and speaker.

Talk Description: Are you tired of the trial and error chaos? Wave goodbye to uncertainty and step into the spotlight of success! In this not-to-be-missed workshop, I'll bare all about my journey to building a million-dollar empire, transforming my blunders into your stepping stones. Why stumble when you can stride with confidence? But that's just the prelude. Together, we'll uncover the alchemy of crafting group sessions so dynamic, so irresistible, they could only be dubbed 'The Million Dollar Framework.' We're talking strategies with the potency to not just sustain, but catapult your business into the realm of extraordinary earnings and profound client transformations! I'm packing this session with the crystallized wisdom of years, the secrets I wish were whispered to me when I embarked on this venture.

Daniel Browne

Title: Ask Your LGBTQs

Bio: Daniel Browne (aka The LGBT+ Therapist) is a multi-award winning hypnotherapist, counsellor, psychotherapist, coach and LGBT+ activist from the UK. He is the author of 'How to be an LGBT+ Affirmative Therapist' and trains hypnotists and therapists globally to work with LGBT+ clients. He was named among the most influential LGBT+ people in the UK, has advised the UK government on mental health policy for LGBT+ people, and is a leading authority on working therapeutically with this community.

Talk Description: Join 'The LGBT+ Therapist', Daniel Browne for this fun, informative, and interactive Q&A session in which you will get to ask all your LGBTQs. So often, hypnotists and therapists have a lot of questions to ask about working with LGBT+ people, but don't have the opportunity due to time constraints in workshops. So, this will be an open session where anyone can ask anything that you want to know about working with LGBT+ communities. No question is out of bounds. There's no judgement either. All questions are valid, everyone is there to learn and grow, and Daniel will help you to achieve that. Come with an open mind and ask absolutely anything. This is an experiential session like no other. There will be open, honest conversations that will equip you with more knowledge and confidence in working with LGBT+ clients. Come and learn from the expert and each other.

Daniel Olsson

Title: Grow your business: Turn Hypnosis Demonstrations into Clients

Bio: Daniel's lifelong fascination with the intricate workings of the human mind led him to explore the world of hypnosis many years ago. He has since embarked on a remarkable journey of learning and training, spanning multiple countries, to master the art of hypnotherapy. Currently based in Sweden, he utilizes his expertise as a hypnotherapist to help individuals overcome challenges and tap into their inner potential. Beyond his therapeutic practice, Daniel is passionate about demystifying hypnosis for the general public. He actively engages in public demonstrations and delivers enlightening talks in various forums to showcase the genuine power of hypnosis. Additionally, he uses hypnosis as a source of entertainment, providing a unique opportunity for people from all walks of life to witness its effectiveness firsthand and gain a profound understanding of its capabilities. WWW.MYMIND.SE

Talk Description: Unlock the incredible potential of hypnosis through inspiring public group demonstrations that prove its effectiveness. I'll guide you on a journey to gain the confidence needed to start, exceed your own expectations, and leave your audience in awe. I will share my knowledge of what to do and what not to do during these demonstrations. Expect great responses and a consistent stream of clients eager to sign up after witnessing the power of hypnosis. As you showcase its magic, you'll effortlessly expand your network, collecting contact information from pre-primed potential clients. This approach will not only grow your business but also establish you as the go-to expert in your field, solidifying your presence in the market.

Daniel Reyes

Title: The Three Pillars Of Magnetic Field Therapy And BioField Healing

Bio: My holistic healing journey started when everything in my life was going “great and according to plan.” Yet I was feeling that life was more of a struggle than a beautiful experience. Depression and anxiety would often control my days.

Talk Description: Learn how to use rare earth magnets to balance the body's biofield and magnify the results of your work as a healer.

DeBora Turpin

Title: Neurolinguistic Programming for Beginners

Bio: I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 44 years, 45 by the time of conference! We have 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren. When I was a young woman in the 80s I went to see a counselor because I was struggling with the after effects of severe child abuse and neglect and I thought I was bad and broken. He turned me on to NLP and I vowed that I was going to learn it and become a counselor, and travel the world teaching others a) they can too help others and b) teach others that there is hope for happiness even after surviving horrific abuse and be truly happy and successful in life.

Talk Description: This is a class teaching others the basics of NLP to beginners. I found many beginners seem lost in trainings where the trainer put together many basic NLP techniques to produce a strategy that works. However, beginners seem lost in more advanced classes simply because they have no idea about timeline therapy, pattern interrupts, and more and how they can work together and the importance of the imagination. This class begins with the history of NLP and goes through as many strategies and several practices with each other in the class.

Don Barnhart

Title: From The Classroom To The Stage - Getting more bookings

Bio: Comedian, Hypnotist, Author, Filmmaker and Producer

Talk Description: How to increase your bookings. Clubs, Colleges, Cruise Ships, Corporate Events and More.

Evan Baumgardner

Title: The Why Doesn't Matter - Letting Go of Regression to Cause

Bio: Evan Baumgardner is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, Subconscious Coach, and Existential Consultant based in Seattle, Washington. His motto is: "There are no such things as problems, only situations," Evan is committed to facilitating transformative change for individuals seeking personal growth. Whether it involves conquering anxiety, rediscovering confidence, overcoming weight concerns, or breaking free from fears and phobias, Evan firmly emphasizes the transient nature of situations, instilling unwavering confidence in his clients' ability to achieve their goals.

Talk Description: In this transformative session, learn how to revolutionize your hypnotherapy practice by focusing on the present moment, rather than the elusive initial sensitizing event. This presentation will challenge conventional wisdom in hypnosis, demonstrating how techniques such as releasing and the 1% rule of compounding interest, and content free techniques such as Emotional Detox are effective in achieving significant emotional and physical breakthroughs. This talk will not only expand your understanding of hypnotherapy but also position you to achieve better outcomes for your clients.

Farida Gipson Burtt

Title: Breaking the yoke of anxiety and fear

Bio: A native of Kenya and a CHt (clinical Hypnotherapist), CYT (yoga therapist), Reiki Master teacher, Breathworker, Massage therapist, who's joy is in serving and supporting your awakened intention to be everything that you truly and beautifully are. My passion is to inspire you to use your intuition to create positive holistic changes and cultivate a more peaceful way of being. I have always been fascinated with the mind, body, spirit connection and the fact that we are naturally whole and healed. I teach people I collaborate with through my personal experience in movement, art, writing, hypnotherapy, reiki, aromatherapy, flower remedies, and breathwork.

Talk Description: One hour to assist you in using creativity, sound, ideomotor response, breathwork, and movement to return to CALM. We have all the tools we need to shift perspective, but we forget how. In this course you will learn how to truly, deeply tap in and tune out anxiety and stress so that you return to your true nature of balance through peace.

Frank Perri

Title: Cultivate your Dynamic Hypnotic Voice

Bio: Frank Perri has been practicing hypnosis for nearly 15 years. Alongside that, he has been a lifelong performer, having grown up in theatre, taught public speaking and communication. He has a lifelong hatred of cherries.

Talk Description: In the interactive workshop, you will learn how to expand and strengthen one of the most important tools in your arsenal: your voice. As hypnotists we spend so much time focusing on WHAT to say, but just as important (arguably more important) is HOW to say it. Outside of our jobs, our voice is a deeply personal part of ourselves. It's one of the main ways we express ourselves. Unlocking your voice can be a liberating experience. Borrowing from tools and techniques from his years as an actor, a singer, and public speaker, Frank will guide you briefly through understanding your voice more intimately, and then practicing using it more powerfully so that by the time you walk out of this workshop, you will feel more comfortably wielding it in both your personal and professional life!

Freja Njorden

Title: Sensual Submodalities

Bio: Freja mentors and consults on subjects relating to sexuality and intimacy, working with individuals and couples in order to help them to be able to cultivate the pleasure and ecstatic sexual joy that is everyone's birthright, and that everyone is capable of experiencing. She is trained in hypnosis - therapeutic and erotic, NLP, massage therapy, energy work, Mindscaping, graphology, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and the tantric arts. She has pursued subliminal programming, quantum touch, spiritual hypnosis, BDSM, and shamanic arts, and taught pelvic examinations to medical professionals at a local university, Freja has been working independently with the mind-body connection and sensuality for almost 2 decades. Passionate about learning, she is consistently upgrading skills, knowledge, and techniques.

Talk Description: Playing with the building blocks of the erotic. A practical and experiential way to playfully engage, enhance, and expand the submodalities of pleasure and sensuality. Hypnosis is used in every area of healing and generative change, and it is just as easily used to improve and enhance our pleasure experience.

Giancarlo Russo

Title: The use of Non Verbal Communication in Hypnosis Induction

Bio: Physioterapist specialized in Neuro Rehab and Pediatric Rehab Since 1986 study hypnosis in Italy and then abroad

Talk Description: In the specch, I'll show how NVC and body language are hypnotic

Gila Zak

Title: Dream Therapy: Supercharge sessions in your sleep

Bio: Considered a hypnotist’s hypnotist, Gila Zak, C.Ht. is the creator of The Gallery and The Two Minds Technique. She maintains a full time practice and is a featured presenter at conferences and various professional and medical organizations. She is an honors graduate of HMI College of Hypnotherapy and a member of their Student Advisory Board. She holds a certificate in Advanced Handwriting Analysis, is a Silva Life System graduate and enjoys espousing on all things hypnotic. She holds a PhD in the ever mysterious field called L.I.F.E. The memory of an imaginary friend she had as a child inspires her to help others tap into their imagination and create the life they desire and deserve. Her passion is teaching individuals and groups about human behavior and the creative ways we can access and harness the subconscious mind to create meaningful change.

Talk Description: What if you could leverage a powerful, naturally occurring process to supercharge your sessions? This program will discuss ways in which you can support your client’s progress when they are sleeping. That’s right…when they are sleeping! Gila will provide a step by step model that you can use with your clients to supercharge their success. In this class you will learn: What are the different stages of dreaming and what do they do? How physiological factors can influence dreams Why do we not remember our dreams? What do recurring dreams mean? How to tell the difference between literal and symbolic dreams Why do we experience sleep paralysis? What are Timing Cues? How to amplify progress with Dream Therapy Let my experience become your expertise!

Grant Saunders

Title: Live streaming For hypnotists

Bio: Professional performance hypnotist and Live streamer

Talk Description: In today's digital age, the power of live streaming cannot be understated. As a hypnotist, tapping into this medium can greatly enhance your reach, engagement, and revenue streams. This talk, led by renowned Performance Hypnotist and seasoned Live Streamer Grant Saunders, will guide you through the intricacies of live streaming specifically tailored for hypnotherapists. Discover the secrets to captivating your online audience, building a loyal follower base, and most importantly, monetizing your live streams effectively

Gregory Sartin Beckett

Title: FEAR– Friend or Foe?

Bio: Greg is a is a soul centered Motivational Hypnotist who assists everyday people to get “unstuck” from difficult life situations. In his work, Greg places a major emphasis on helping clients to see themselves more clearly and find effective ways to discover creative alternatives and innovative solutions to reignite hope and generate new possibilities for personal transformation. Greg also has 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, advertising, media research, and data sales. His knowledge of the entertainment and corporate worlds has given Greg insight into the day-to-day issues that cause stress and other related difficulties in the lives of executives, creatives, and many others. Through his open and accepting approach, Greg effectively assists clients to move through difficult moments of personal transitions associated with job or relationship changes or the releasing of old fears and historic challenges.

Talk Description: While working with clients for over 2 decades in addition to my own journey, there seems to be an element of fear in almost all times of growth and change. Let’s share an interactive hour of looking at fear and some of the many different forms it shows itself - whether good, bad or ugly. Plus, what are some direct and simple ways to uncover and understand where the belief systems began and how to alter them to move forward with healing and change, be it for clients or ourselves.

Griselda Galvez

Title: Sound Healing & Hypnosis

Bio: Griselda Galvez MD, M.S, M.Ed. CHt., B2BMed Program Director, Pediatrician/Neonatologist, retired after 30 years of hospital practice. Certified Principal. Certified Composite Science Teacher and College Professor. Current Quantum University student: Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine. Holistic Health Practitioner of Complementary Healing Modalities as: Certified Hypnotherapist, Sound Healing Practitioner/Vibrational Sound Healer , Biomagnetism, Reiki, & Crystal Healing Practitioner. Health Coach. Founder of Transformational Holistic Healing Modalities Institute.

Talk Description: Implement a dual modality session that includes sound healing and hypnosis to place your clients in a more receptive state, deeper hypnosis stage, and the possibility of increasing your success on reaching their goals. You will learn from your own experience, what your client would experiment in a session provided by you. Furthermore, you will receive a list of suggested instruments and a step-by-step guide about how to implement this dual modality session.

Ian Shen

Title: The Hidden Key to Trust and Success: Without integrity, nothing works

Bio: Former professional actor, English teacher, now Strategic Results Life Coach and Behavior Engineer. Trained by Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Igor Ledowchowski, Mike Mandel, Karl Smith, Chase Hughes.

Talk Description: Without integrity, nothing works. This challenging course will uncover blindspots, identify breakdowns and reveal if you truly walk your talk. This NEW model of integrity will radically change how you approach your friends, family, work and community and elevate trust to new possibilities of workability, maximum performance and results. Through provocative discussions and exercises, discover where your integrity falters and how to course-correct with courage. Only with radical authenticity can you build un-compromised trust and accelerate success. Ready to unlock the full potential for yourself and your clients?

Jackie Adams

Title: How to Repurpose Social Media Content to Attract Clients Online

Bio: Jackie Adams is an Integrative Hypnotist, Healer & Coach helping her clients eliminate limiting beliefs, heal their trauma and eliminate stress on a subconscious level in order to amplify their business growth and expansion and step into their higher selves. She uses an integrative approach combining hypnosis, breathwork and energy healing in addition to utilizing her many years of experience as a Registered Nurse, people leader and digital marketer. She works with clients 1:1 and in virtual workshop settings in order to facilitate healings in addition to giving practical advice for building and growing an aligned business, primarily for female entrepreneurs in the online space.

Talk Description: Are you interested in making the most of your online presence and connecting with potential clients on multiple platforms? Join my talk, "How to Repurpose Social Media Content to Attract Clients Online." During this session, we'll explore the art of repurposing content across different social media channels and optimizing your material for search engines. Learn how to extend your content's lifespan and broaden your audience naturally. We'll delve into the elements that truly engage your audience and potentially propel your posts to go viral. Discover the secrets to crafting content that resonates and builds lasting connections with your online community. By the end of this talk, you'll have a valuable toolkit at your disposal to enhance your digital presence, expand your reach, and connect with clients in a meaningful way.

James Ledoux

Title: Intro to AI

Bio: Certified Hypnosis Instructor (ICBCH) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Talk Description: This class provides an overview of AI and how it can be used to boost your business.

Jennifer Ibbotson-Rodriguez

Title: Hypnosis For Heroes: Serving Those Who Served

Bio: Jennifer Ibbotson Rodriguez is an NGH Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist on a mission to empower disconnected women to emerge as their most authentic and super-selves capable of enjoying "more success with less stress." As a Virtual Hypnotic Coach she assists clients from coast to coast in two countries. Her clients choose to transform perceived weaknesses into actualized strengths while making a habit of living the life they love. As an NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor she developed Future-Focused Hypnosis, a 3-stage advanced training process for Professional Hypnotists to connect clients with their wisest and most knowing self. She resides in Colorful Colorado with her husband and their cats. When she isn’t coaching, writing, or gazing at the moon, she’s exploring the world around her and connecting with likeminded travelers.

Talk Description: This is a case study of a 100% disabled combat veteran with a TBI and PTSD who is also Jen's husband. A combat-veteran is not your average client. They require additional precautions and deeper understanding to facilitate the most successful experience (and results) possible. What is possible, is truly extraordinary and absolutely life-changing. The benefits ripple into all aspects of their lives, into all of their relationships. Learn about one disabled combat-veteran who after decades of failed attempts, finally found their personal relief after connecting with their future-self. This presentation is as precautionary as much as it is success-oriented. Participants will be provided resources, structures, and guidelines to maintain a safe and successful solution package for those who deserve only peace.

Jill Lien

Title: Transformational work with teens

Bio: Trained in the UK, I have been working in mental health for 30 years and as a hypnotist for 15+ years. Training is an ongoing thing though! It never ends and I continue learning from my colleagues in the hypnosis world. Over the years, whilst I am a generalist, I have found my favourite area is teens, in which I work with both the young people and their parents to improve and develop their relationships. I have worked with suicidal teens (and adults) for 20+ years and have not lost one client yet though I know that is possibly an unsustainable statistic.

Talk Description: It has never been harder to be a teenager than it is right now! Social media presents an image of how teens ‘should’ look, what they ‘should’ be doing and what they ‘should’ possess. It’s harder and harder for parents to relate and so at a time when teens need support and guidance the most, relationships often break down leaving the teen without direction or a moral compass. Sex, drugs, alcohol, confusion over sexual identity and suicide ideation are growing within the teenage years. I work to help teens develop a strong sense of who they (really) are and where they are going. As well as what the route to what they DON’T want looks like so they can navigate these stormy waters of temptation and looking ‘cool’ safely. I also work with (distressed) parents who are fearful and feel they’ve lost touch with their young adults to build effective bridges between them and resolve the communication breakdown. I’d like to share my methodology and experience and provide a protocol I have found works for me with tweaks for individual situations. This includes hypnosis, conversational and more structured, NLP and coaching for the teens. And where appropriate for the parent(s) though focus (for me) is on the young person.

Jolana Andre

Title: How to Make Money Doing a Retreats & Training Courses

Bio: Jolana Andre brings to the table over three decades of unparalleled expertise in marketing, specifically within the entertainment sector and corporate training realms. Her prowess in social media marketing, brand strategy formulation, and business automation systems is unmatched. Currently, Jolana serves as the Marketing & Promotion Director for both Hypnosis World and The Rich Guzzi Comedy Hypnosis Show. Additionally, she is recognized as an ICBCH certified hypnosis instructor. Prior to her association with Rich Guzzi, Jolana held the pivotal role of Director of Training at Burroughs & Chapin in Myrtle Beach, SC. Her responsibilities encompassed spearheading the Leadership Development Series and Team Member Programs. Not to mention, she was an influential member of the Strategic Planning board. Jolana's academic achievements include a degree from The College of Idaho, majoring in History and Business. With a remarkable presence in the realm of social media, Jolana harnesses her positivity and boundless energy to empower and coach individuals, helping them realize their utmost potential and grow their enterprises.

Talk Description: Are You Ready to Bring Your Retreat/Training Course Dream to Life. Master the skills it takes to grow a profitable retreat that's aligned with your strengths, values, and lifestyle. During this presentation you will learn how to: • Determine the type of retreat (venue, event, workshop, or virtual retreat), location, and your first retreat date (instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it). • Create a retreat budget plan with projected revenue and expenses to ensure you reach your retreat profit goals and make money. • Nail down your retreat prices and packages so that you have the clarity and confidence it takes to sell your retreat offering. • Develop a reservation mindset strategy that converts inquiries to bookings. • Determine operational procedures that allow you to work easier in during your retreat. • Construct a retreat marketing plan including online, social media, and networking/partnerships that gets your retreat booked. • Automate the everything you can via email platform, landing pages and social media and when to step into the process for personal interaction.

Joni Neidigh

Title: Hypnosis for Anger and Violence: How to help clients move from a state of chronic power and control to healthy self-empowerment.

Bio: Joni Johnston Neidigh is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida and has been in private practice for over 27 years. In addition to her role as a Psychotherapist, Joni is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and trainer for ICBCH and HPTI. She helps people with a variety of issues including sleep, relaxation, weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety, fear of flying, confidence, focus, concentration and much more.

In addition to her general practice, Joni specializes in athletic performance. She has helped develop athletes from age-group to Olympians and professionals. Joni works with athletes and coaches in a variety of sports including swimming, running, volleyball, soccer, hockey, and golf. She has hosted and worked with coaches and teams from other countries as well including Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Scotland and more. Joni is also a corporate speaker and travels regularly to deliver talks at conferences, clubs, coaches clinics, and colleges. She is known to help individuals, corporations, teams, coaches, and parents learn to improve their mental game in a fun and easy way. The techniques that she teaches can be applied immediately to improve attentional focus, reduce anxiety, and increase motivation. In addition to seeing clients at her private practice locations, Orange Park, Jacksonville, and Jacksonville Beach, Florida, she also offers one on one sessions via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. Joni is the author of the AIM Gold Medal Mental Toughness Success Guide as well as Anger and Violence Intervention Program Success Guide. She has also produced over 40 audio products to help with general wellness and athletic performance. To learn about Joni and her products visit or

Talk Description: Learn how to use your skills to help clients who are at risk of losing their families, their jobs, everything they've worked for by providing them with the knowledge and skills that can actually help them. Joni Neidigh has a successful group program known as AVIP. She has been running these groups for 31 years and wants to show you how your skills can benefit these individuals.

Joy Ding

Title: In the same room: participatory group hypnosis to bridge real-life distance

Bio: Joy is a proudly ADHD hypnotherapist, life coach, writer, and community builder who helps creative weirdos express themselves, find their people, and make an impact on the world. She works with clients on shame, authenticity, easier creativity, and stepping into the biggest version of themselves. She has been writing since elementary school and earned a masters in creative writing from UC Davis, where she studied writing and acting. She lives in Philadelphia with the best restaurants in the world and no pets.

Talk Description: You're on Zoom about to teach a group, but half of your participants have their videos off and the other half look dazed and distracted, like they've been in meetings the whole day. They probably have. Unlike in a real-life meetup where you can feel the energy of a group, meeting remotely means that participants have more opportunity to be checked out. What if your group could feel like they were meeting in real-life? Even better, what if your virtual group could interact in an enhanced imaginary space, weaving together their voices, breath, and physicality? Rather than each person experiencing a separate trance while staying silent, in this interactive workshop, we explore ways to create participatory trances that help individuals in virtual meetings feel like they are in the same room. Participatory trance creates immediate community, amplifies feelings of belonging, accelerates building group culture, and deepens the impact of the teachings, exercises, and other trances you do together. This is helpful for one-shot meetings and workshops and works cumulatively for groups meeting more than once.

Juan Acosta

Title: Hypnodontics Today

Bio: Juan Acosta is a hypnotist who performs on stage, works with dentists and private clients, and delivers trainings and presentations to dental and sales organizations and groups, as well as coaching skiers and other athletes. Juan regards hypnosis as a versatile transformational tool, which he continues to promote and elevate towards wider acceptance and use in multiple separate niches. He's the author of "Hypnodontics: Ethical Influence, Language for Dental Professionals" and "5 Keys to Learning Any(Sport)Thing Fast" available on Amazon. Connect with Juan on LinkedIn and visit

Talk Description: What do dental professionals and teams need that YOU can provide in 2024? Get the inside secrets of dental hypnosis and discover what dental practices actually want and need from us today in many parts of the world. I keep a finger on the pulse of dentistry so you don't have to - and this entertaining presentation will give you the tools you need to start working with your local dentists and their patients as an adjunct service provider, consulting hypnotist and/or office team member.

Kacee Picot

Title: Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

Bio: Kacee has spent the last 3 years learning from the best of the best in the industry and has combined these trainings to bring to you at HypnoThoughts this year. Her groundbreaking approaches through NeuroSculpt Hypnosis will be shared through powerfully simple techniques for you and your clients. Look for her in the Integrative LifeWorks, Inc Self-Care room at this year's conference!

Talk Description: Release the secondary gain by reframing the story. As clients clear the trauma, the story changes with this powerfully simple technique. Have fun creating your new identity and take it back to your clients!

Karl Smith

Title: NO D in PTSD - Working with Military and Emergency Services with Trauma

Bio: UK Hypnotist and Coach that specialises in Post Trauma and PTSD, Served in the Military and SWAT officer in the Police. Now teaching hypnosis and coaching all over the world.

Talk Description: After 24 years of serving in the British Army and then as a SWAT officer, I have seen and experienced trauma. I will teach you some hidden gems that will help those who have served or are serving. Powerful techniques and coaching ideas that will save lives. Join me for an experience and journey that will help those who serve you.

Kate Beaven-Marks

Title: Successful Rapid Hypnosis in Therapy

Bio: Dr Kate Beaven-Marks is an energetic, enthusiastic, experienced clinical hypnotist, hypnotherapy trainer, international presenter and author, with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of hypnosis which is supported by her extensive studies and research (including doctoral research of how hypnotherapy is taught) and a broad range of practical applications including medical and surgical hospital environments and a busy London-based hypnotherapy practice. She is passionate about raising hypnotherapy standards with great training and ongoing support, to help each therapist develop to their fullest potential.

Talk Description: Are you interested in rapid hypnosis, but wonder how to authentically and congruently use rapid approaches in your hypnotherapy sessions? If so, this practical, interactive workshop is ideal for you. Whilst learning and practicing some fantastic rapid inductions, deepeners and techniques, that you can use online and in-person, you will learn how to specifically prepare the client and manage the session, from the before the start, to the finish, in such a way as to meet the client’s therapy expectations.

Kathy Gruver

Title: The power of myth, visualization and archetype

Bio: Dr. Kathy Gruver is an award-winning author, hypnotherapist, professional speaker, and ACC certified coach with over 30 years of experience in mind/body medicine and human behavior. She has captivated hundreds of audiences on four continents, three cruise ships and a handful of islands. It’s been her true honor to have delivered two TEDx talks. Kathy has written eight books which have garnered 12 awards. She has earned her PhD in natural health and has studied mind-body medicine at the famed Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard. Kathy is currently enrolled in Third Wave to get her training as a psychedelic journey coach. For fun Kathy does flying trapeze and aerial silks.

Talk Description: We can't have hypnosis without visualization. Tap into the ancient myths, symbols and archetypes to strengthen our session and help our clients get to new depths. In this fun and experiential session explore ancient symbols such as waterfalls, swords and dragons and how they can take your client on an unexpected path. Experience your own guided journeys and visualization experiences. I walk away with mythic ideas about how you can go deep with your clients and experience fun and adventure along the way.

Kim Guillory

Title: Conversational Hypnotherapy

Bio: Kim Guillory is an Integrative MindBody Coach Trainer and Business Mentor for coaches, healers and wellness practitioners. She helps service based business owners improve their skillset and grow their business so they can create more impact.

Talk Description: Help more people receive the benefits of hypnotherapy using this conversational style approach. I'll help you identify the root cause and flip it in real time without having to deal with the resistance many clients have around hypnosis. Learn about my unique MindBody Coaching process, quick access to regulating the nervous system and a simple framework for changing habits and behavior so your clients can fast track transformation.

Kristy Weeks

Title: Fostering Emotional Safety: Trauma-Informed Care for Holistic Practitioners

Bio: Kristy Weeks is the owner of Sacred Self Hypnotherapy and Coaching, a private hypnosis practice in Lawrence, KS. She has over 20 years of experience in the human services field. She received her BA in Psychology at Pittsburg State University in 2003, then her MS in Counseling at Oklahoma State University in 2011. Kristy is a counselor, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Success Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Reiki Practitioner. All these modalities together mean that she works with people to reach a deeper level of transformation through holistic practices to make lasting change utilizing the subconscious mind. Kristy is married to her husband, Nick, with a 7-year-old daughter, Lorelei, and two older pets. In her spare time, Kristy likes to spend time with friends and family, travel, read, and spend time in the nearest body of water.

Talk Description: This comprehensive workshop is designed to equip hypnotherapists with the necessary knowledge and skills to create a safe and supportive environment for their clients, particularly those who have experienced trauma. By integrating trauma-informed practices into your hypnotherapy sessions, you will learn how to promote emotional safety, establish trust, and facilitate healing within your therapeutic relationships. Throughout this course, you will delve into the theoretical foundations of trauma-informed care and explore its application within the context of hypnotherapy. You will gain a deep understanding of trauma's impact on the mind, body, and emotions, and how hypnosis can be a powerful tool in supporting trauma recovery. Key Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care: - Understanding trauma and its effects on individuals - Exploring the principles of trauma-informed practices - Recognizing the importance of emotional safety in the therapeutic process 2. Creating an Emotionally Safe Space: - Establishing rapport and trust with trauma-affected clients - Cultivating a supportive and non-judgmental therapeutic environment - Implementing effective communication techniques to enhance emotional safety 3. Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy Techniques: - Adapting hypnosis protocols for trauma survivors - Utilizing grounding and stabilization techniques - Incorporating resourcing and self-regulation strategies 4. Understanding Trauma Triggers and Dissociation: - Identifying trauma triggers and their impact on hypnotherapy sessions - Addressing dissociation and promoting grounding techniques - Developing client-centered approaches to managing triggers - Understanding the Somatic Nervous System and how this can be activated during a hypnotherapy session. 5. Ethical Considerations and Self-Care: - Maintaining professional boundaries in trauma-informed hypnotherapy - Practicing self-care to prevent vicarious trauma and burnout - Seeking supervision and support for personal and professional growth By the end of this workshop, you will have gained the tools and insights necessary to integrate trauma-informed practices into your hypnotherapy practice. You will be equipped to provide a safe and empowering space for your clients to explore their healing journey, fostering resilience and promoting positive change. Join us on this transformative learning experience and enhance your skills as a trauma-informed hypnotherapist.

Lily Masco

Title: Trance & Crafts: TranceFigure Hypnosis Into An Art Form Of The Unconscious Mind

Bio: Lily Masco is the Founder of TranceFigure and a Clinical Hypnotist who creates experiential wellness events. Guests are guided through a range of transformational change work processes while in a thematic group trance. Lily fuses hypnosis with her background in hospitality, events, and writing. Putting her own metaphoric spin on change, she creates immersive therapeutic celebrations for hypnotists and muggles alike.

Talk Description: What if hypnosis techniques were art materials and the unconscious mind was your canvas? Anyone else guilty of constantly recycling favorite go-to trances? In this workshop, you’ll acquire a bunch of tips to add creativity & play into every session. Craft new and unique trances on the fly, learning how to to weave this for groups or private clients. You will walk away knowing how to morph a single technique into infinite ones—making an art form out of it. All necessary art materials will be provided upon entry into your unconscious mind. No manicures will be harmed.

Lara Cox

Title: "What's Your Fucking Problem?"

Bio: At 23 I graduated with a degree in Theatre and was destined to inhabit that world professionally. I wrote plays and performed as a stand up comic for a number of years and wrote a little for radio. At 30 and following a total collapse in my confidence and belief in my abilities to enjoy a stable and healthy existence both emotionally and financially, I qualified as a secondary school teacher and spent the next twenty years imprisoned in a creative battle between myself and the pressures of challenging job which I never felt suited for. I wrote multiple books in that time and did enjoy a top agent for a short time. Following a mini breakdown in an Outstanding school, I went for hypnotherapy. The result was a gradual improvement in my mindset and a total change in my life. I qualified to practice as a hypnotherapist in 2017, and began practicing in 2019, just before COVID. I discovered that I have a real talent for it, possibly equal to that of my writing. In the last two years I've been collecting reviews, I've obtained 50 five star Google reviews, and one one star one, calling me a bull shitter and a con artist, but that one's not true. I stopped teaching in secondary school in December 2022 in order to focus on growing my hypnosis practice. Last year, although it had never been on my radar, I stumbled on stage hypnosis and consequently began on a path which excites me and brings me here to share my passion, which is fusing stand up comedy, story telling and hypnosis. I've begun a cabaret night where I'm performing stand up and stage hypnosis and booking other acts to do the same. The first night is due on Nov 24th.

Talk Description: You've heard of Rumplestiltskin right? Well he was the little guy who demanded that a room full of shit be spun into gold. Well the good news can be done. And truthfully if you're a hypnotist that's what you do. It's what I do anyway. A lot of comedians arrive (although not all) into comedy with a lot of pain. It's a common defense mechanism of survival to distance onceself through humour. Most therapists have to trawl through great personal suffering and soul searching before they are able to detach sufficiently or integrate, through time distortion, suggestion and a lot of other stuff before being in a position to be an effective change worker. In this talk, I will be combining Stand- Up comedy, using an anecdotal and relevant style to our community. I'll be using music and laughter before demonstrating suggestion whilst talking and highlighting the commonality between comedy, suggestion and metaphor for change. "What's Your Fucking problem"? the somewhat uncouth and hopefully attention grabbing title, highlights with humour our own frailty as therapists, underscoring that's it's okay for us to be imperfect, have problems and fail. In fact once we embrace this aspect of ourselves I believe we become the most powerful agents of change of all. And if people don't realise I'm joking? Well I guess that's their fucking problem! They might swerve the presentation.

Lydia Michalitsianos

Title: Scale Your Practice With High-Ticket ($5k+) Hypnosis Programs

Bio: High-Ticket Hypnosis Business Strategist, Lydia Kathryn Michalitsianos coaches hypnotists to stop selling their programs for peanuts, and charge for their value, and not their time, all while creating consistent 10k+ & $20k+ months in their practice. Lydia Kathryn Michalitsianos, specializes in showing hypnotists and holistic practitioners how to step into their calling fully and take their businesses to six, and multiple six-figures, by scaling their practice to consistent and profitable $10k+ & $20k+ months all using her High-Ticket Healer Selling System™, and the power of modern day tools and social media marketing.

Talk Description: In this talk, Six-Figure Hypnosis Business Strategist Lydia Michalitsianos, shares with us the critical key elements you need to get an excited “YES!” when enrolling clients into premium hypnosis programs. She will share key strategies that allow clients to see the true value of your services and get away from charging for your time, and instead, use a value-based pricing conversation, and how to get away from chasing down clients forever. Attendees will learn how to: - Eliminate time and money objections before the happen - Discover the missing keys to connect to the client's true desires - Stack the value in the perspective client's eyes - Position themselves as High-Value in front of clients and prospects - Quickly gain the trust and respect of any client - Sell high-ticket without being pushy, slimy, or sleazy - Eliminate the chasing and instead have clients sell themselves

Margo Drucker



Talk Description:

Martin Castor

Title: Fast Inductions - The Lost Knowledge

Bio: Board member: ACHE President, board member, and marketing and conference chair - Advisory board member at ICBCH - Vice President and Board member at ISAHt. Author: Best-selling author on Amazon July 2019 in the category of Psychology "I Know What you're thinking" "From Trauma to Triumph" "The Passionate Speaker" Awards: ICBCH's Educator of the Year Award 2019 ACHE's Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2019 North American Academy of Hypnosis Instructor of the Year Award 2018 ICBCH's Award of Contribution to Hypnotherapy 2018 ACHE's Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2018 IHF's Award of Excellence of International Education 2013 Instructor of:Body language, mindfulness, self-hypnosis & advanced hypnotherapy & communication.

Talk Description: Join me, as we embark on a fascinating journey into the world of rapid hypnotic inductions. While many of us have encountered fast-speed or instant inductions, few truly understand the intricate science underpinning these techniques. In this enlightening talk, I will demystify the hidden workings of the body and brain, revealing the secrets behind these captivating phenomena. Prepare to have your perspective on inductions forever transformed. I will take you through the captivating science that forms the foundation of these inductions, shedding light on the profound connection between the mind and body. You'll gain a deep understanding of how these techniques work and the incredible potential they hold. But we won't stop at theory alone. This talk goes beyond the classroom; you'll get the chance to witness firsthand how rapid inductions are executed by a seasoned professional. I'll guide you through simple, step-by-step processes, giving you a practical understanding of these powerful tools. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and embrace a new way of thinking about inductions. Fasten your seatbelt as we explore the science and artistry behind rapid hypnotic inductions, leaving you with an enriched understanding of this captivating field.

Martin Gegus

Title: The Missing Link – Using the Breath to Create Profound Therapeutic States

Bio: Martin Gegus is the co-founder and managing director of InnerCare Canada. After a long and successful career in corporate IT, Martin has first hand experience in dealing with the daily stressors that afflict professionals in the corporate environment. Consequently, he has been able to help those looking to re-establish a healthy equilibrium between the demands of the workplace and the needs of their families. In additional to extensive training and experience in clinical hypnosis, Martin is also a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and personal trainer. This blend of knowledge in addition to his extensive corporate experience allows him to tailor programs to help clients reconnect with their inner nature and use that self-awareness in order to create happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Talk Description: Learn to harness the power of the breath to align a client's physiology and mind in order to induce a deep and powerful therapeutic state. Frequently when dealing with analytical clients it can be challenging to create a deep trance because of the client's hyper-attentive state. Strategic use of controlled breathing can quiet the mind of even the most analytical clients and provide them with a profound experience, facilitate induction and result in a deeper trance.

Curtis Floth

Title: Stop Selling Stuff No One Wants


Talk Description: Tired of wasting time & money creating lead magnets, courses, and programs that fail? Imagine launching your next product or service with confidence... knowing it's exactly what your audience craves. In this presentation I'll reveal the secrets to uncovering if people want your idea BEFORE you create it. Discover the power of precise, actionable insights that save you from costly mistakes and heavy disappointment. This is your chance to unlock the hidden desires of your market and deliver what they truly need. Don't miss out on how to quickly let go of bad ideas and focus on winners!

Michael C. Anthony

Title: How to Create the Perfect Stage Hypnosis Show and make up to $10,000 per show

Bio: Michael C. Anthony has been a full time Stage Hypnotist for almost 30 years. He has performed in all 50 states and around the world. He is the founder of Stage Hypnosis University. After a world wide search, Michael was selected to play the role of "The Hypnotist" in The Illusionists which is the highest grossing show of its kind in the world. He is certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP.

Talk Description: In this presentation, Michael will guide you through the REAL SECRETS of building a Stage Hypnosis show that will get you booked and rebooked over and over again. You will see real world samples from his live show and build your own show piece by piece. Did you know Stage Hypnotists can make $2,500 - $10,000 - per show? Learn the subtleties, secrets and strategies so you can get on stage with 100% confidence and blow them away!

Michael Watson

Title: MIND GAMES: Neurobics and Mental Conditioning

Bio: An internationally known trainer and NLP with over 40 years experience in the field. A frequent presenter at conferences and a pioneer in online education, he is an IACT Educator of the Year and Principal Trainer. Along with Karen Hand, Michael Co-Hosts the Virtual Chapter Online. He maintains a full time practice in Orlando, offers courses and trainings, and provides mentoring services to practitioners. Known for his lighthearted and caring style, his training is as enjoyable as it is practical.

Talk Description: Drawing from the work of Jean Houston, Stanislav Grof, and John Grinder and others, this presentation will discuss and demonstrate a number of engaging exercises that you can use to creatively stimulate the neurology and increase the capacity of deeper, unconscious exploration. Exciting processes that activate and integrate new choices. Develop and support mental fitness to empower your life.

Mona Abdulrahim Santl

Title: Too old for a Hypnosis session?

Bio: With a background in natural Psychology, Mona has always believed in the power of the mind, and the ability of self-healing. She is a Board certified Hypnotherapist, and Instructor, a NLP, Master and Instructor, and holds certifications in Kinesiology, EFT, Pranic Healing, Emotional Intelligence, Pain Management, Transactional Analysis, HypnoBirthing, HypnoFertility, and Hypno-Coaching. She is also the founder of the international program “Hypno-Parenting” In 2015, she founded the Lebanese Syndicate of Hypnotherapists, a milestone for the profession in Lebanon. She also conducts various corporate trainings at a wide variety of large and small organizations. Mona has a keen sense to identify the factors that hinder the positive development of groups and individuals alike, and does so with creative techniques, along with a contagious passion, compassion, diplomacy and motivation. All of these have led to significant positive changes to the groups and individuals she has worked with. Mona appears regularly in TV interviews, and has inspired audiences speaking at industry events in Boston, Las Vegas, Zurich, Berlin and London, and corporate events in the UAE, Bahrain and Lebanon. She has received the award for “Connecting Worlds” at the Hypnose-Kongress in Berlin. Coming from an Arabic-European background and having lived in several countries and continents, Mona conducts her sessions as well as trainings fluently in 4 languages.

Talk Description: Some elderly clients are fragile, scared, or even dement... In this workshop I will go through extremely simple techniques I use to effectively work with the elderly. It is amazing how much the mind of an elderly person resembles the mind of a child and is very receptive to suggestions.

Nicholas Spohn

Title: PRE-formance

Bio: Nicholas Spohn is a high performance coach, international speaker and hypnotist. Nicholas specializes in helping his clients perform their very best by creating a clear vision and anchoring it into the subconscious mind with the power of hypnosis. If you're ready to create the life you want, Nicholas can help you get there.

Talk Description: Upgrade your abilities in every area of your life with this mental rehearsal protocol. This one hour session is jam packed with experiential hypnosis to tell your subconscious mind exactly how you want to show up in life, from the boardroom to the bedroom. Skills, confidence, charisma, intimacy, abundance must all show up in your mind before they show up in your life, and it all starts with the PRE-formance protocol. Cary Grant said "I imagined the type of person I wanted to be, until I became him or he became me." Get ready for a new life trajectory.

Nickolas Ely

Title: Working in adverse conditions: Hostile clients and how to handle them

Bio: Nickolas Ely is a man of many hats. He is a hypnotist of 32 years experience, a reverend through the ULC, a practicing sorcerer, medium, martial artist and personal trainer. Through the years he has worked to support and grow the study and practice of Men’s Mental Health through mentoring systems and guided archetypal growth as well as teaching hypnotists and therapists functional esoteric systems to integrate into their practices. He is the founder of Liberation Hypnosis, WitchFitt and The Magiotherapy system.

Talk Description: This class will focus on how to handle clients who are extremely resistant to their work, how to guide reluctant clients to mental health services when they need them and how to operate in a social environment that is hostile to hypnosis or alternative/holistic methods of healing.

Paulina Trevena

Title: Tap and Zap & StressLess!

Bio: Dr Paulina Trevena is a researcher and hypnotherapist. After years working in academia and social science research, Paulina discovered the world of hypnosis and was hooked! During her hypnotherapy training, she discovered that her aphantasia (= inability to visualise) was a barrier to experiencing hypnosis - then she realised others were experiencing the same problem! This led her to start a research project into aphantasia and hypnosis. Paulina's goal is to raise awareness of aphantasia in the hypnosis world and develop best practice in working with non-visualisers.

Talk Description: See yourself on that beach… Imagine floating out of your body… Walk up to that future you… Erm… nope! As hypnotherapists, we commonly use visualisation techniques in our work. However, there is a whole group of clients who cannot visualise – they have aphantasia. Aphantasia was originally defined as a lack of a mind’s eye - but we now know it commonly cuts across more than one sense, and often all senses. This means some of your clients don't have the ability to tap into visual imagery in hypnosis, and possibly also hearing, smell, taste or touch. As an aphantasic myself, I know it can pose a real barrier to accessing hypnosis and change work. That’s why I started a research project into the subject – to explore best ways of working with clients who cannot visualise. In this class you will learn what aphantasia is, how it may impact on your clients' experiences of hypnosis, how to recognise if your client is aphantasic, and how to best work with non-visualisers.

Peter McLaughlin

Title: Spiritual Entity Attachments: Hidden Key to Client Core Issues

Bio: Peter McLaughlin is a certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. He came to hypnotherapy following a life-threatening diagnosis of leukemia in 2003. He attributes his current health to the power of our mind in creating everything. He’s the creator of the YouTube channel: BlueSky Hypnosis that currently has 120,000 subscribers and over 15 million views. He’s also the author of the business book, Becoming the Customer and the upcoming past life regression book: Healing the Wounds of Time and a former volunteer firefighter and EMT. He trained at the American Academy of Hypnotherapy in Santa Fe, NM in 2006 and has training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the NLP Center in New York City.

Talk Description:

Richard Hill

Title: Dynamic Curiosity - A new understanding, and the science, behind this fundamental quality for effective therapy and an enjoyable life.

Bio: Richard Hill, MA, MEd, MBMSc, PhD(c), is a practicing therapist, author, educator, and professional supervisor. He is Science Director for CIPPS in Salerno, Italy; Clinical Science Director and Managing Editor for The Science of Psychotherapy; and resident therapist at The Davis Health Centre in Sydney, Australia. He is co-author with Ernest Rossi, PhD, of The Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands (Crown House, 2017), and with Matthew Dahlitz of The Practitioner’s Guide to the Science of Psychotherapy (Norton, 2022). More information can be found at and

Talk Description: Curiosity is something we all know is essential for healthy living and for being in the best frame of mind for hypnotherapy. But do we really know what it is, how to stimulate it, how it turns on and why it turns off? Richard expands the concept of curiosity from just our interest in seeking and investigation, into its connections with play and the discovery of meaning and purpose. Through his knowledge and experience in neuroscience, Richard presents an description of how curiosity is generated in the brain and how curiosity creates the best balance of neurological and neurochemical activity in the brain. It is (partly) a magic panacea for affective disorders and the underpinning of dozens of hypnotherapy protocols.

Roberta Fernandez

Title: Two Tools for Teaching About Change

Bio: Roberta Fernandez is the creator of AHARA and President of Conscious Napping® and FARE Hypnosis. She is a renowned corporate trainer, an eloquent public speaker, a Board-Certified Hypnotist, a Hypnosis Trainer with the ICBCH and the NGH, an Integrative Emotional Intelligence Specialist, and holds a Master Practitioner certification in NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming). She has lived an adventurous career and legendary expertise in education, corporate consulting and training in the areas of organizational change and emotional intelligence. Roberta has perfected executive and managerial corporate training programs, as well as personal development and wellness programs, that have further proven her versatility and unflinching self-worth among colleagues. Roberta has conducted thousands of individual client sessions and more than 85 noteworthy presentations and trainings over the past fifteen years. Notable amongst her past clients are Kemps, Sam’s Club, JP Morgan Chase, Target, Optum, Pentair, and numerous governments, academic and private organizations.

Talk Description: As a hypnotist you are in the business of helping people change, and change is something that most people don’t like. This can make your job very challenging. Roberta will provide you with two simple tools that will help your clients see change differently than they have in the past. Join in for an engaging way to use these tools in a group or one on one with a client in your chair!

Ronia Fraser

Title: An Intro into Narcissistic Abuse Recovery & Hypnosis

Bio: Ronia Fraser is an internationally certified and multi-award-winning Trauma Recovery Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist and one of the leading experts in the field of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Since 2017 she's been helping abuse survivors from all over the world get back on their feet, regain their mental health and recover who they were always meant to be. Her pioneering approach is widely considered as one of the most effective, structured and masterful models to recovery from complex trauma.

Talk Description:

Sandy Bemis

Title: Limbic Regulation, Heart Rate Variability and Their Connection

Bio: Sandra (Sandy) Bemis is a full-time Board-Certified Hypnotist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor for both the ICBCH and NGH that spans over 25 years. As a limbic regulation and heart-rate variability expert, she incorporates and weaves hypnosis and various evidence-based neuroscience techniques into her practice. Some of her students and clients include doctors, psychologists, executives and life coaches. Her work with a physician has been chronicled in his published book.

Talk Description: The limbic system is the brain’s threat exposure and response machine. Responsible for detecting and reacting to physical or emotional environmental threats. When the limbic system becomes impaired, it can produce exaggerated responses that can lead to a variety of chronic health conditions. Heart rate variability (HRV) is the physical occurrence of variation in the time interval between heartbeats. Learn how they both are connected for success in your hypnosis/coaching practice.

Sarah Carson

Title: 12 things they didn’t teach you in hypnosis training

Bio: Sarah Carson is a practicing hypnotist and coach in New York City. An NLP trainer and Hypnosis Trainer she sees clients and runs online and in person trainings. Sarah is co author of many hypnosis/ NLP books and digital products and is part of The Intelligent Hypnotist Team

Talk Description: You might have learned a variety of inductions, how to help a client change and transform, you may have learned some business techniques, but stepping out into the real world of running a successful hypnosis practice comes with a whole range of additional aspects that you may not have covered in your training. In this hour I will share 12 real world insights, invaluable gems of knowledge, and practical tips that I have picked up over the years. Come and learn the ingredients in the secret sauce that your Hypnosis Training might have missed out!

Scott Schmaren

Title: The Money Magnet

Bio: Scott Schmaren is an internationally known hypnotist, professional speaker, coach and author. He co-wrote the book, “Stepping Stones to Success”, along with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Denis Waitley. He is also the creator of, “The Quatric Formula for Success” which is the life transformation program he created to literally transform every area of his life, including helping him lose and keep off almost 200 pounds. Scott has appeared on “Oprah” and Oprah said, “If Scott can do it, I can do it and so can you!". Scott is a regular guest on “The Howard Stern Show” and “Daily Mail”. He has also appeared on Fox News, Coast to Coast Radio and has been featured in Reader’s Digest and The New York Times. Scott recently appeared on the television show, “Moving America Forward”, with William Shatner and Doug Lewellyn and was honored for his work.

Talk Description: Would you like to become more successful in your practice and/or help your clients generate more success, business, sales and money? Imagine what that would be like and the freedom you would if there were no limits to your success... Prosperity, Success and Money are all a dynamic energy and force and if you can harness that force, your success will become limitless.... In this program you will learn how to create a simple daily routine that will increase success in all areas of your life.... We will also do a powerful group hypnotic session that will make you a powerful "Money Magnet" Use this program to increase your success.... Do you want to make more money in your practice? Teach your clients how to make more money....

Steven Baum

Title: Life is a Negotiation: Don't be Unprepared

Bio: Masters in Strategic Management and Executive Leadership w/ a concentration in Negotiation, Power and Influence with honors, Director of Strategy and Communication in a $50 MM+ company, ten years of experience in hypnosis training with Mandel, Snyder, Linett and others

Talk Description: Everyday we encounter multiple opportunities for negotiation however most often to avoid conflict the first offer is taken. Gain insight into your personal inhibitions to power as well as practical skills and learn to embrace conflict so that you may become more effective getting what you want out of personal and professional life.

Steven Rollins

Title: Hypnosis 101

Bio: Mr. Steven Rollins is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor located in Manassas, VA. He owns and operates Explore Hypnosis ( Steven has a been a presenter at multiple conferences and events and brings a dynamic style of instruction honed over 40 years as an instructor making his discussions fun and informative. Besides hypnosis, his eclectic interests include chess (he's in the Official Rules of Chess), genealogy, (over 18000 people on his tree), and coin collecting (over 3000 coins from 150 countries).

Talk Description: If you're new to Hypnosis or an experienced instructor looking to start your own educational classes but unsure how to get started, this class if for you. So, join us for this beginner level class where we discuss what hypnosis is and why it works OR join us as we discuss how to help you make this class on your own. Either way, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Stin-Niels Munsch

Title: Deep Dive into Transformation: The Simpson Protocol Unmasked

Bio: Stin stands as a beacon of visionary leadership in hypnosis. His vibrant demeanor transforms seminars into joyful experiences. With a keen sense of observation and a unique analytical approach, he's recognized and respected globally. Whether at international conferences or personal discussions, Stin's expertise and charm are both undeniable and captivating.

Talk Description: Discover the revolutionary depths of the Simpson Protocol in this compelling lecture that redefines the landscape of therapeutic hypnosis. The Simpson Protocol represents not just a method, but a profound philosophy that allows us to tap into the nearly limitless potential of the human mind. In this presentation, we will explore together why and how the Simpson Protocol opens the doors to breakthrough change and enables the client to break through deeply held beliefs, blocks and self-sabotage patterns. This transformative protocol has the power to go far beyond the surface to touch the core of human consciousness. Join us on this journey and discover how you can use the Simpson Protocol in your practice to catalyze true change and transform your clients' lives forever. It will be more than a lecture; it will be an enlightenment.

Stina Mason

Title: Taking Notes You Can Use

Bio: Stina is a human female from planet Earth. She equates art to breathing, and finds useful things to be… well… useful. And yes, she’s on team hypnosis. C’mon. You’ve seen her at practice!

Talk Description: How to organize and integrate learnings

Surinder Gill

Title:  NLP Collapse Anchors (Stonewalk Interactive)


Talk Description: Would you like higher conversion rates from your discovery calls?

If you could give a client an undeniable emotional shift that makes them feel empowered, would that increase the odds of your clients rebooking with you?
If you could teach a client a 5-minute technique they can do every day to stay focused and aligned with their conscious goal, would that be useful to you?
I have created a version of the NLP "Collapse Anchors" technique that is fun, interactive, and very simple to learn. For those of you that are familiar with "Collapse Anchors," I promise you won't even recognize this technique as being similar until you really sit down and give it some deep thought. If you have no idea what the original technique is, that's even better! Get ready to be blown away.
1) I explain the technique.
2) I perform the technique with a volunteer.
3) I answer any questions you may have.
4) Break into groups and use the script to give each other an incredibly empowering experience!
Come to this session prepared with one key area of life that you would like to improve. For example, growing your business, improving your health, letting go of a bad habit, etc...
You will get a personal breakthrough; you will help another person get a breakthrough and you will leave armed with a script and experience so you can duplicate these results with your clients. I have been doing this technique with every client for 5 years. It doesn't matter if they come to me for weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety, or any other reason. This technique is a staple and I believe it will be for you as well. You just need to experience it!

Theresa Micheletti

Title: Group Past Life Regression

Bio: Theresa Micheletti is a hypnotist, healer, channel & coach. She has been doing hypnosis since the age of 11. Certified by Sylvia Browne to do hypnosis, she started her career traveling across North America doing Past Life Regressions and teaching hypnosis. Theresa became Director of Sylvia’s Hypnosis school and now has her own Hypnosis School, Premier Hypnosis Training Center focusing on classic hypnosis and spiritual hypnosis. Theresa is founder of Gnostic Light Keepers, a spiritual group, open to all who seek their own truth. Theresa does a weekly Spiritual Thoughts LIVE broadcast on YouTube & Facebook @ Take What Rings True.

Talk Description: Experience a past life regression. Learn about one or two of your past lives including details like names, location, time period or dates, current people who may have been in that past life, and what you experienced in your past life. Relax and enjoy. Also, learn why to use key phrases for past life.

Tommy Vee

Title: The Pre-Talk. The Most Important Element of Every Hypnosis Demonstration

Bio: Since 1991, he has been billed as “Hypnotist Extraordinaire”, touring throughout the United States, Canada, England, Grand Cayman and Iceland at a number of corporations, fairs, associations, fundraisers, television, universities and more. He was an enormous hit at the Erie County Fair, The Big E, the West Tennessee State Fair, the Georgia State Fair and in Canada at the Quyon Fair, Quebec, the Fredericton Fair and the Chatham Fair in New Brunswick, and the Hants County Exhibition in Nova Scotia. Tommy regularly appeared at the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel in New Hampshire. His credits also include shows at the Indian Head Resort, the Four Seasons Hotel, the Pepsi Bottling Group, Century 21, the Falmouth Yacht Club, the Omni Parker House, Boston College, the University of Massachusetts and the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Tommy owns and operates Valley Hypnosis Center, in Methuen, Massachusetts where he has been helping clients make positive changes in their lives. He has a very good deal of success with clients in the area of passing exams and improved athletics. He is on the faculty of the Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar which has had several hundred graduates from the USA, Canada, Iceland, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Lebanon, Ireland, and Wales since 1998.

Talk Description: This informal discussion is all about my techniques for presenting amazing hypnosis presentations by delivering a great Pre-Talk. Become more confident speaking to small and large groups. Use these techniques to elevate your presentations and attract more and better volunteers.

Tracy Beach

Title: Budget-Friendly Business Liftoff: Building Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

Bio: Tracy Beach is the visionary force driving Beach Hypnosis, nestled in the idyllic Niagara Region of Canada. As a devoted practitioner and advocate for holistic well-being, Tracy has cultivated a thriving environment for healing and personal growth.

Talk Description:

Vinnie Brigance

Title: Take The Guess Work Out of Change Work: Organic Hypnosis Live Demo

Bio: Vinnie Brigance is a certified Hypnotherapist and Founder of Organic Hypnosis Training where he trains Hypnotherapists, Coaches, and Change Workers to be the most effective practitioners in the field. Born and raised in Michigan, Vinnie's passion for teaching hypnotherapy stems from his mother’s struggle with COPD and emphysema, which ultimately led to her passing in 2018. After helping over 1,000 people stop smoking he decided to share this incredible change work method with others. Vinnie discovered the impact and effectiveness hypnosis can have on creating positive change after graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Boston with a degree in Political Science. With a newfound passion and desire to help others create life-altering breakthroughs, Vinnie opened his own hypnosis practice in January 2020. He currently sees 100% of his clients online. He then founded the Organic Hypnosis Training Center.

Talk Description: How To Turn Multiple Sessions Into '1 Session Breakthroughs' WITHOUT Scripts, Prep Work, Client Homework Or Making Audios... The Class will consist of doing an ACTUAL Live demo. Course Overview Advanced Organic Hypnosis trainings, plus Online Mentoring and Support plus so much more! Students have successfully used THIS ONE Organic method for: Anxiety, Addictions, Stop Smoking, Weight loss, Grief, Anger, Fear, Phobias, sexual dysfunction, driving anxiety, abundance blocks, narcissistic relationships, pain (...And dozens more) This course covers the following topics: Point To Point Live Therapy And Mentoring With Vinnie. Build Unbreakable Confidence As A Hypnotherapist & Coach Real Advanced Therapeutic Methods For Fast Breakthroughs Turn Multiple Session(S) Into Sessio(N) With All Clients No Scripts, Language Patterns, Suggestibility Tests, Timelines, Relaxation Therapy Or Clunky And Obvious Techniques. What Will You Learn In this Course? Speed-Training System: Turning multiple session(s) into sessio(n) with all of your clients Imagine never having to prepare for your sessions again. Imagine never having to memorize language patterns or clunky and obvious techniques. Imagine never having to download, create, write, or read from a script again. Imagine never having to find the best technique for your clients. Imagine never having to give multiple sessions – turn session(s) into sessio(n) no matter what the problem is. Imagine never having to put pressure on yourself wondering if the session worked.

Zac Hansen

Title: Turn Your Knowledge Into a Micro Offer That Sells While You Sleep

Bio: Helping hypnosis sell a ton of stuff online :) No seriously, responsible for helping hypnotists make over a million in sales online through online courses.

Talk Description: How do you turn what you do with clients into a product that makes sales everyday? After helping clients sell over 20,000 digital products to complete strangers through paid ads, I'll break down step-by-step how to package your knowledge and expertise into a low cost micro offer that sells 24/7 even when you don't have wifi.

Martin Baratz

Title: Spiritual student since 1967, Telecom Analyst almost 20 years , Yoga and Meditation teacher , Magician since 1984, Hypnosis student and practitioner since 2012. Father, Grandfather Husband and Brother with a large Tribe .


Talk Description: This class will generate Energy and students will experience Kundalini and Deep Relaxation

Dan Hetrick

Title: People with Disabilities, a hypnosis how-to

Bio: Twice a presenter at HTL, and with a passion for hypnosis that almost matches his passion for advocacy for People with disabilities, Dan breathes passion and intent into any talk, session or performance he gives in any of those personas. Dan is a trained coach and has been a practicing hypnotist for more than 20 years. To him, it is practicing, because he learns something new with every experience, and loves to teach others what he;'s learned for the benefit of themselves.

Talk Description: People with Disabilities make up a quarter of the population. You will encounter them. This candid, "Ask me Anything" style presentation will answer your questions about what it's like to be a person with a disability, and how to use that in a safe way to help your disabled clients seking your help.



Talk Description:



Talk Description:



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