Vinnie Brigance

Vinnie Brigance is a certified Hypnotherapist and Founder of Organic Hypnosis Training where he trains Hypnotherapists, Coaches, and Change Workers to be the most effective practitioners in the field. Born and raised in Michigan, Vinnie’s passion for teaching hypnotherapy stems from his mother’s struggle with COPD and emphysema, which ultimately led to her passing in 2018. After helping over 1,000 people stop smoking he decided to share this incredible change work method with others. Vinnie discovered the impact and effectiveness hypnosis can have on creating positive change after graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Boston with a degree in Political Science. With a newfound passion and desire to help others create life-altering breakthroughs, Vinnie opened his own hypnosis practice in January 2020. He currently sees 100% of his clients online. He then founded the Organic Hypnosis Training Center.

What You’ll Learn

Take The Guess Work Out Of Change Work – Organic Hypnosis Workshop

How To Turn Multiple Sessions Into ‘1 Session Breakthroughs’ & Charge Between $997-$3000 Per Client – WITHOUT Scripts, Prep Work, Client Homework Or Making Audios… Course Overview Advanced Organic Hypnosis (AOCH) trainings, plus Online Mentoring and Support plus so much more! Students have successfully used THIS ONE Organic method for: Anxiety, Addictions, Stop Smoking, Weight loss, Grief, Anger, Fear, Phobias, sexual dysfunction, driving anxiety, abundance blocks, narcissistic relationships, pain (…And dozens more) What You Get (Lifetime access to all): This course covers the following topics: Point To Point Live Therapy And Mentoring With Vinnie. Step By Step Instructions (Demo Breakdowns) How to sell your service for between $997-$3000 Build Unbreakable Confidence As A Hypnotherapist & Coach Real Advanced Therapeutic Methods For Fast Breakthroughs Turn Multiple Session(S) Into Sessio(N) With All Clients Private Facebook Group, Training platform And Mentoring No Scripts, Language Patterns, Suggestibility Tests, Timelines, Relaxation Therapy Or Clunky And Obvious Techniques. (You Will Never charge under $997 again) Bonus! Complete access to recorded trainings. What Will You Learn In this Course? Speed-Training System: Turning multiple session(s) into sessio(n) with all of your clients Imagine never having to prepare for your sessions again. Imagine never having to memorize language patterns or clunky and obvious techniques. Imagine never having to download, create, write, or read from a script again. Imagine never having to find the best technique for your clients. Imagine never having to give multiple sessions – turn session(s) into sessio(n) no matter what the problem is. Imagine never having to put pressure on yourself wondering if the session worked.