Tracy Gray

Tracy Gray, MS, BCH has been a street and stage hypnotist for the last 8 years, as well as a college professor. She performs hypnosis and mentalism all over the country as well as in her classroom. She uses mentalism to enhance hypnosis because it works 100% of the time. Her teaching style is fun and engaging and she loves watching students succeed. Whether it is a one hour lecture or a three day mentalism intensive class, you will take away something that will make you the life of the party.

What You’ll Learn

Mentalism for the Hypnotist

Imagine being able to walk up to a total stranger and know their favorite two digit number or the name of their best friend or childhood pet. You will be able to bend metal with your mind and predict the score of the next sports game. Use your abilities to read body language and elicit hypnotic phenomenon with absolutely no chance of failure. Imagine people freely choosing a set of numbers in your next presentation or stage show that miraculously add up to a number you predicted the day before! In this one-day intensive class, you can expect to learn the foundations of mentalism as well as practical effects to add to your tool box immediately. You will learn to perform for individuals and small groups to attract clients or use in your stage performances. The goal is for you to leave with the confidence to use these tools at the airport on the way home! It is a great skill to attract new clients. Check out some former student testimonials! This class is special and unique because you will be learning to use the “Tools” of mentalism. Not only will you leave with “ready to go” effects, you will have the confidence to begin building more of your own. This is not a “do as I do” class or “pick a card” class, it is the foundation of mentalism understanding. Finally, do not expect to be in a classroom the entire time. We will be out in the field in the evening to practice our newfound skills. You can participate as much as you like or learn by watching. This will give you the confidence to freak people out the minute you get home.