Nicole Weber

Nicole is the founder of Equihypnose and Performability LLC, Author, International Hypnotherapist, certified hypnosis instructor and speaker. She holds a Diploma Degree in Social Sciences and works in her hypnosis and traumatherapy practice in Hannover, Germany. She is a licensed mental health counselor in Germany as well as a Centered Riding Instructor, Traumatherapist, Equine Assisted Mental health practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. She works with professional athletes on a daily basis and helps them improve their performance and technique. Her microniche are equestrians. She is a passionate teacher and believes that there is always something exciting to learn in hypnosis.

What You’ll Learn

Integrative Hypnosis/ Traumatherapy

Are you interested in learning more about trauma and traumatherapy? Do you want to know how you can implement it into your sessions even if the client doesn`t have traumarelated issues? Or you aren`t sure if what you`re doing is beneficial to every trauma client? Then this workshop is for you. We will: ➤Discuss the implications of trauma and of course how those can be treated. These methods might come in handy anytime and you can use them during your hypnosis session, even if the problems are not trauma related. ➤Practice a lot and you will learn about different stabilizing and distancing techniques, skills, breathing exercises and what else you can do using hypnosis with trauma clients. You will learn EMDR and a special integrated Traumatherapy method developed by Nicole.