Mary Welp

Mary Welp is a CranioSacral therapist and a hypnotherapist who has developed RISE Hypnotic Meditation. Mary has been a practitioner for over 20 years, working with all populations, including soldiers returning from deployment and victims of trauma. Mary’s passion is to help people learn how to regulate their nervous system’s and change negative thoughts patterns in order to live a more authentic and happy life.

What You’ll Learn

RISE Hypnotic Meditation Teacher Certification

RISE Hypnotic Meditation is the marriage of meditation and self-hypnosis. Join us and learn how to use this simple and direct technique to guide others towards their self help practice. In these times of loneliness, isolation and other mental health challenges tools such as RISE are essential in our communities. This certification will give you a skill to teach others as well as give you a community of support moving forward. Come RISE with us!