Lori Hammond

Lori Hammond specializes in group hypnosis sessions, workshops, and online courses. She takes pleasure in showing others how to build a thriving hypnosis business by giving the the secrets she uncovered along the way.

What You’ll Learn

Captivating Courses

Lori gives you all the secrets from her 10 week Workshops that Work program including… 🟢 How to get instant confidence on camera or in front of a group (even if that idea makes you want to puke in your mouth now) 🟢 How to build a 6 figure business doing workshops and online courses 🟢 How to teach the kind of people that will jump at the opportunity to PAY MONEY for your workshops and courses without spending a dime on advertising If you’ve been unable to make an excellent loving doing 1:1 hypnosis, you’ll love the way this training let’s you reach more people AND make and make a fantastic living in the process.