Lori Donnelly

LoriDonnelly is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Brain Health Coach with The Amen Clinic, IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Technique) Trainer/ practitioner, speaker, advanced NLP practitioner, Masters Certificate as a Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator. She is a graduate with the highest honors of Hypnosis Motivational Institute with an additional degree in Mind Body Psychology, continuing her studies on a regular basis, keeping current with the latest techniques available to assist her clients. Lori has has a back ground in business building and human relations prior to becoming a hypnotherapist. With her combination of skills Lori is referred to by psychologist, psychiatrist and therapist as someone that can help where other therapies have failed. Incorporating IEMT into her therapy has created massive change in clients suffering from trauma, PTSD and painful life events that seem to be therapy resistant. Shifting into the training world Lori currently the Only IEMT trainer in the United States teaching in person. She has presented in groups up to 150. Giving immediate skills that can be transferred to attendees clients.

What You’ll Learn

IEMT Training

Level 1 IEMT Training What you will learn on this course: Part 1. Emotional Engineering for Neurological Change De-potentiating Imprints of Emotion With IEMT Introduction to IEMT – (Pre-course module) Relevant Neurology – Applications and Contraindications (Pre-course module) Emotions Exercise Introductory Exercise and Calibration of Representational Change The IEMT Basic Pattern and Imprint Tracking Eye Movement and 3D Accessing Cues The 5 Patterns of Chronicity The 3 Pillars of Depression Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Time Coding The IEMT Integral Pattern Part 2. Identity Re-imprinting & Physiological State Change Work Updating Our Way of Being With IEMT Introduction to Structure of Identity Exploring Identity Discovering Patterns of Chronicity & Identity Statements in Client Questionnaires Four References – I, Me, Self, You The IEMT Identity Pattern – The Basic Form The IEMT Identity Pattern – The Integral Form Physiological Responses to Trauma Physiological State Accessing Cues Changing Unconscious State Accessing Changing The Negative Kino-Somatic Imprints How to Work With IEMT in Live and On-line Sessions Should attendees want to become certified Completing the Certification Process (2 case studies and a 20 min video) Membership in the Association of IEMT Practitioners