Grant Murrell


Grant Murrell is fast becoming one of the most sought after names in the world of Human Communication.

He is an International Speaker, Transformation Expert, Certified Trainer in NLP and Hypnotherapy, a Human Performance specialist, an International Best Selling Author, Radio Show Presenter and Entrepreneur.

Over the past 21 years, Grant Murrell and an international team have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations across 15 countries to increase their profits by up to 200% often in just a matter of a few short months; by working on their team, their systems, their mindset and their strategy, to essentially help them generate; “More Money, in Less Time, have Less Stress, and More Fun and Fulfilment” in their lives and their businesses.

Grant’s ultimate mission is to help people design a life, business, organisation or foundation that will allow them to embrace their passion, purpose, freedom, wealth and happiness, and to create a legacy to last for generations to come!

As seen on Sky TV and MATV as well as numerous podcasts, he is also the recipient of the “Best Mentor” Award, presented by LOSD.

He is regarded as a Thought Leader, World Class Coach, Mentor, Consultant and a Trainer who is in demand across many countries. 

Grant has shared the stage with some of the worlds greatest speakers, including T. Harv Eker and Jay Abraham.

Grant Murrell has a vision, and is building a global movement;

skilfully navigating one million leaders to live life without limits, while guiding them to clearly communicate their message with the world.

What You’ll Learn

Body Language & Beyond Workshop

Are you fed up with spending, time, money, emotion & energy on situations that just don’t serve you well; either in your personal relationships or in your business? Many people feel this way too. Ever wondered why this is? Well I can help!

Instead, would you prefer to invest your, time, money, emotions and energy wisely, by knowing exactly where and with who you should focus your efforts for the ultimate results?

This is why I devised “Body Language & Beyond,” to help you quickly and easily identify if the person/s sitting in front of you or on the screen in front of you are really the right people to enter into a personal or business relationship with. By knowing if their body language is congruent with their words will give you the know how to make that decision with confidence and ease. Want to know how? Well this is your chance to do just that!

So people often ask me how I get the great results I get for my clients in such a short time, and I tell them it’s because I listen to the message between the words! Well, the point is the body speaks louder than words! So please allow me the opportunity to share with you how you can translate this language in real time, live in the moment. Thereby helping you to steer you, your relationships and your business in the right direction for your ultimate success and fulfilment, by saving money, emotion & energy and doing so in the shortest time possible.

So if you are either of the following, then this training is for you!

Maybe you’re just thinking of starting a Hypnosis, Coaching or Holistic practice or would just simply like to use this in your personal life or relationshipsThen this will save you thousands of hours of study, practice, research and heartache as well as tens of thousands of dollars learning what you’re told just might work in reality

Perhaps you already have your own Hypnosis, Coaching or Holistic practice, yet want to work with more clients Then this will add an immediate, easily implemented skillset to your toolkit that will enable you to reach more prospects than ever before. By appealing to more people by quickly connecting with them at a deeper level, you’ll be able to build more trust and easily solve more client challenges in a style that feels right for them

Possibly you already have a thriving Hypnosis, Coaching or Holistic practice that’s serving you well. Yet to stand out from the competition, you’d like to add something to your tool belt that is a non cookie cutter approach. This will add that “Sizzle” to your sessions and will have clients wanting to come back and continue working with you, and refer you to their friends and colleagues too

In either case Body Language & Beyond will be ideal for you, your relationships, for what you want to achieve for your practice and for your clients too