Freja Njorden

Freja mentors and consults on subjects relating to sexuality and intimacy, working with individuals and couples in order to help them to be able to cultivate the pleasure and ecstatic sexual joy that is everyone’s birthright, and that everyone is capable of experiencing. She is trained in hypnosis – therapeutic and erotic, NLP, massage therapy, energy work, Mindscaping, graphology, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and the tantric arts. She has pursued subliminal programming, quantum touch, spiritual hypnosis, BDSM, and shamanic arts, and taught pelvic examinations to medical professionals at a local university, Freja has been working independently with the mind-body connection and sensuality for almost 2 decades. Passionate about learning, she is consistently upgrading skills, knowledge, and techniques.

What You’ll Learn

AMP – Arousal Management Protocol, for hypnotherapists

Tried, true and effective protocol developed by Freja Njorden. This class is to teach hypnotherapists how to EFFECTIVELY treat premature ejaculation in men. And by treat premature ejaculation, I mean teach men how to have control over their level of arousal, so that they can ejaculate (or not) when they wish. As I teach it – is not about fixing a problem, that is thinking about it the wrong way, and why traditional popular attempts to fix premature ejaculation fail, or even make the situation worse. Sometimes even spiraling a man into performance anxiety and sabotaging his erections. Ejaculating easily/quickly is not “dysfunction” it’s a process the body is biologically designed to do. However, most men are not having sex for quick and effective procreation, they’re doing to connect with a partner for pleasure and recreation, and to deepen their connection. This method is about empowering a man to have control over his body’s processes in any circumstances. I take what I have learned from 15 years of hands on somatic sexual work, and 12 years of Hypnosis and NLP and turned it into a system where any hypnotherapist can comfortably work with a man to resolve this problem. The process works. This is for hypnotherapists who are already confident and experienced. I am not teaching “how to do hypnosis” and “how to do inductions or deepeners” in this class. I am teaching a protocol for experienced hypnotherapists to use for men with a specific issue. This is for men who want to overcome premature ejaculation, or who want to simply have full control over their arousal. 1. Screening clients for validity and avoiding unwanted types of clients, graciously dealing with clients that you do not want to see – including the inevitable requests for ejaculation “control” and domination that happen when you open the door to helping sexual problems. 2. Understanding the process, male sexuality, dispelling myths and advocating for men, so that they can be the best versions of themselves as lovers and show up for their partners. 3. Understanding who your client is, and the struggles they face with this problem 4. The protocol (start to finish) and the processes. 5. Access to scripts, support materials and support audios. You can create your own audios. You may share my audios with your clients (this is particularly helpful if you are a male practitioner) or you can record your own. 6. Certification in the AMP