Freddy Jacquin/Marina Kostina

Freddy H. Jacquin BSc is the founder and principal of the UK Hypnotherapy Training College, now known as the ‘Jacquin Hypnosis Academy’ which he created in 1999. Over the past 30 years he has been influential in changing the perception of hypnotherapy and the use of trance as a therapeutic tool for positive change. He is the author of the books ‘Hypnotherapy’ and the ‘Lazy way to Enlightenment and unlimited happiness’. He is the creator of the ‘Arrow Technique’ for chronic pain. He has personally helped more than 35,000 clients achieve freedom from self-imposed limitations and negative programming by others. Utilising the skills, and all the experience gained from dealing with thousands of clients with a multitude of various problems, he developed techniques that enable him to help his clients move rapidly to a resolution of their problem.

What You’ll Learn

Spiritual hypnosis for unshakable power and extraordinary transformation. Freddy Jacquin and Marina Kostina

Blending the science of mind with spirituality of the subconscious, this workshop will: 1) Explain how to utilise hypnosis to bring together the mind and spirit to create powerful psychological transformations. 2) Introduce the science of magic, a process of manifesting your dreams and making them your reality in the physical world. 3)Teach you how to drop all attachments and increase personal power and charisma, by enabling you to become a truly self-realized person and to help your clients do the same. 4) Demonstrate how to use hypnosis for opening your main energetic centres for accelerating your personal and professional growth. This class will teach and demonstrate some of the transformational techniques experienced on our Spiritual Retreats that we run throughout the world. Detailed information in the vending room.