Elizabeth Sterling

Elizabeth Sterling is an integrative hypnotist and coach that specializes in helping high achievers reverse perfectionism and approach life with presence and playfulness so that you can do your best and feel amazing along the way.

What You’ll Learn

Hypnotic Marketing Mastery: Creating Short-Form Video Content Training

Unlock the potential of short-form video content to elevate your hypnosis business! There is no doubt about it – video is the quickest way to build rapport and fill your calendar. Now, with unprecedented accessibility, you can amplify your message and reach a wider audience. In this workshop, you will learn the art of crafting captivating, engaging, and persuasive short videos to showcase your hypnotic expertise and draw in your target audience. Key Takeaways: * Crafting Compelling Narratives: Discover the art of translating everyday experiences into bite-sized takeaways that will magnetize your audience and have them loving to learn from you. Learn to communicate in a way that draws in and resonates, so that you are already beginning the transformation process online and leading to easier and more powerful sessions. * Authentic Presence on Camera: Refine your on-camera presence, ensuring your true personality shines through. Uncover techniques to comfortably share your unique views and experiences, creating an authentic online connection that is easy and fun because it is simply, you! As clients get to know you through your video content, it will maximize rapport and have them eager to work with you. * Building Engaging Communities: Understand the motivation behind viewer engagement. Learn to cultivate a community around shared vision and beliefs, extending the same genuine care you offer in individual sessions to a wider audience, transforming lives and perspectives through authentic connection and care. This is a learn and DO workshop! Join me for a day of refining your message and unique perspective, turning up your creativity and taking supported, fun action! You will walk away with a batch of videos ready to post and a content creation toolkit that makes social media a cinch.