Daniel Browne

Daniel Browne (aka The LGBT+ Therapist) is a multi-award winning hypnotherapist, counsellor, psychotherapist, coach and LGBT+ activist from the UK. He is the author of ‘How to be an LGBT+ Affirmative Therapist’ and trains hypnotists and therapists globally to work with LGBT+ clients. He was named among the most influential LGBT+ people in the UK, has advised the UK government on mental health policy for LGBT+ people, and is a leading authority on working therapeutically with this community.

What You’ll Learn

How to be an LGBT+ Affirmative Therapist

Join ‘The LGBT+ Therapist’, Daniel Browne for this fun, engaging, informative one day certification course on how to be an LGBT+ affirmative therapist. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with LGBT+ clients. You will learn about terminology and identities, issues and challenges faced by LGBT+ communities, LGBT+ rights and social equality around the world, the positives and joys of being LGBT+, intersectionality, how you work with all of that therapeutically, and how to work in an affirming way as a hypnotherapist or hypnotist. You will learn some hypnotic interventions too, and get to practice. This is a fully interactive workshop. There is no death by Powerpoint. Sharing, reflecting and contributing in an open, honest way is encouraged. Everyone learns more that way. You will come away with increased knowledge, understanding and confidence, as well as your own action plan to put what you learn into practice. Everyone attending will receive certification as an LGBT+ affirmative therapist, as well as personal one month post-workshop support to develop further. There will be a few little surprises to aid your learning on the day too. So, come and learn from ‘The LGBT+ Therapist’ at this Hypnothoughts Live only workshop.