Brandon Dean

Brandon Dean is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Certified Professional Coach. He performs regularly as a stage hypnotist and maintains his practice, Red Chair Hypnosis.

What You’ll Learn

Grow your business: Lead a ‘Conquer Your Cravings’ Workshop

This one day HTL workshop offering teaches you the format, content and marketing plan for you to teach a revenue-generating workshop called Conquer Your Cravings. Offer your own Conquer Your Cravings workshop

— without having to develop your own content! Brandon shares with you the actual CYC workshop content he uses to promote and teach his workshop

— and how he uses CYC to attract new clients. And it’s all made so easy for you

— because you’re provided electronic files for everything to be rebranded as yours: your logo, practice information, bio, photo and contact information! Teaching a CYC workshop itself makes you money. It’s also an excellent introduction for attendees the power of hypnosis and to your cravings-based hypnosis programs, such as smoking cessation, weight management, sugar/chocolate habit cessation, etc. Brandon routinely gets 4-5 new clients every time he does this workshop for about a dozen people.


– the framework, workshop content and how to teach an entertaining, fast-paced 4-hour interactive workshop

– the actual variety of techniques you will teach attendees to Conquer Their Cravings
(and practice these in our class!)

– how to use this workshop to find prospective clients and introduce them to hypnosis (and to meet you!)

– how to price your workshop, and how to use tiered pricing to encourage attendees to register early

– insight and suggestions for easy online event ticket services to automate your registration and payment

– the best way to incorporate into the workshop a soft-sell approach that promotes your cravings-related hypnosis services

– an approach to using community centres and holistic venues 


– the workbook for your Conquer Your Cravings students, are ready to be customized with your hypnosis practice information

– the sales sheet he uses attracted new clients from workshop attendees.

– marketing materials to promote the workshop, including the actual text to use for your workshop event listing, marketing flyers, online campaign posts, etc


– if you have additional questions about content, or need to discuss getting your workshop off the ground

– just reach out to Brandon by phone, email or Zoom, etc.