Amber Rose Cox

Amber is a client directed change expert who’s work encompasses individuals, teams and organizations. Her work is focused on improving communication and behavioral changes that support cohesive relationships which improve outcomes and overall well-being. Amber is a facilitator of change, using integrative modalities and processes such as Clinical Hypnotherapy and Emotional Intelligence Development. Amber also is a global presenter, trainer and instructor on Clinical Hypnosis and Emotional Intelligence. In addition she is an expert at delivering presentations and demonstrations on the power of suggestion directed at helping people change negative or limiting behaviors. Amber has done extensive and advanced training with leaders in the area of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming. . Amber is the founder of Maine Hypnosis Center and has a private practice spanning fifteen years.

What You’ll Learn

Chronic Pain Processes for the Non Clinical Hypnotist

Learn a complete step by process so you can feel confident at incorporating or specializing in chronic pain management. This is an area that has so much opportunity to help people suffering with chronic pain. Come learn and feel confident about working in this area of focus.