Stop Putting on Your Pants And Other Techniques to Stop Unwanted Habits Fast

Tracy Riley & Jason Kropidlowski

Workshop Description

Unwanted Habits Fast Habits and patterns are hard to break. Not just bad habits but any habit that has you stuck in a rut of complacency. You want more out of life but the mere thought of changing deeply ingrained routines can be daunting. This course will teach simple, easy to use methods to stop negative patterns, and redirect your life in magical ways.

You will learn approaches to redirect thought processes and behavioral patterns, and free yourself of those unwanted thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. These techniques not only free you, the practitioner, but they also can be easily taught in your practice, in a matter of minutes, to ensure your hypnosis skillset is above any competition in your area.

Embrace this fresh prospective and open up the possibilities for a brighter, more creative future, for you and the people in your hypnosis chair.

Practitioners will:

• Learn 5 easy to use techniques to stop any unwanted habit fast.

• Utilize 3 simple methods to stop anxiety, with waking hypnosis practices.

• Explore proven protocols to take your skillset to the next level.

• Practice with other learners to ensure immediate success.

• Discover how this exclusive course will set you apart from other hypnotists. By utilizing the skills you will acquire in this course, you will be able to add a proven method of therapy to your skill set, thus increasing opportunities for growth and success in your practice.


Dr. Tracy Riley, LSCW, obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Auburn University in Social Work, and then a Master’s Degree, also in Social Work, from Florida State University. She has been licensed as an LCSW in Florida for over 10 years. She also obtained a special certification from the University of Colorado in Death and Grief Studies. Most recently, Dr. Riley completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. With her southern charm and good natured humor, Dr. Riley’s superpower is energetic communication; the key ingredient she uses to inspire, influence and impact.

Dual Presenters with Dr. Tracy Riley, LCSW as the lead
Jason Kropidlowski, CH, CHI

Monday, August 17, 2020

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