Stephanie Conkle

August 20, 21, 2019

Profound Somnambulism Protocol with Subconscious Dialogue

Are you looking to become a top hypnotherapist, help more people, and make more money? Do You Want to Know How to talk directly to the Subconscious Mind and have it talk back to you without wasting time playing the “20 questions” game with ideomotor responses?

With the Profound Somnambulism Protocol, you will learn secret techniques in an easy to follow protocol that’s not being taught anywhere else in modern hypnotherapy!

Imagine being that expert who always knows how to get every client into deep trance every session and have a full conversation with the SC through the client’s voice box…while the client virtually naps in your chair…
It would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?

How many times have you wondered if your client was deep enough in hypnosis for the suggestions to really take effect?
How may times have you wondered if the ideomotor response was actually the subconscious speaking or the client’s conscious mind?

Even when you think you might be getting real IMRs, how frustrating is it to sit there and patiently play the “20 questions” game with yes, no, or maybe responses?

How frustrating is it to be stuck as to which direction to ask the questions, knowing there is more thorough and accurate information…but not knowing how to adequately retrieve ALL the information?

Take the guesswork out of your changework!


Core Components of the PS Protocol:

-Obtain clear vocal ratification from the SC
-Get information accuracy without IMRs
-Enjoy full sentence dialogue with the pure SC
-Be amazed by instantaneous and automatic healing
-Induce client under 30 seconds with trigger words
-Access the Subconscious and the Superconscious
-Client feels hypnotized and has major time distortion
-Client wakes up with amnesia without suggestion

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