Sheila Granger

August 13, 14, 2019

The number 1 Virtual Gastric Band Training Programme- Used by 2500 practitioners in nine countries!!

This is the only virtual gastric band weight loss programme that has been subjected to clinical trials.

In this two day workshop you will learn the very best ways to get instant results with your weight loss clients, and bring about long term change.

Covering all aspects of weight loss from working with alcohol, hormones, and nutrition, helping your client develop a set of habits and routines they can easily live with.

Sheila Granger is an expert in this field, having helped hundreds of clients, and hypnotists to launch their businesses. Many hypnotists around the world have gone on to have their work featured in the national media and tv following this training.

Sheila, not only teaches the nuts and bolts of this programme that has been described as the most elegant piece of hypnosis since Milton Erickson, but also the business and marketing skills that ensure you success in your own practice.

Before we did the training with you we were contemplating a career change into another business; however the response has been phenomenal, and enabled us to continue with our passion of helping people through hypnotherapy, a modality which we both love. Angelo Sette, Australia

‘Sheila’s training has been responsible for a 20% increase in my practice’, William Engle, USA

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