Seth Deborah Roth

August 13-15, 2019

Medical Hypnosis Dual Certification: “Medical Hypnosis Certification” and “Mind/Body Intervention Specialist”

The ultimate dual certification course! Increase your income and niche as both a “Certified Medical Hypnosis Practitioner” and a certification in the NEW EVOLVING FIELD of “Mind/Body Intervention Specialist”. Boost your client base and outreach. Gain the confidence you need to enter this niche! Receive certifications in important and growing fields. This wonderful course presents theory and clinical application of medical hypnosis for many medical conditions as well as chronic and acute pain management using the latest advancements in hypnosis and energy therapies. Gain understanding of the principles to help your clients heal from various medical conditions and to increase your clients’ pain thresholds, reducing the need for drugs and medications and helping to speed recovery. Topics included are pain control, chronic illnesses, hypertension, diabetes, IBS, fibromyalgia, insomnia, cancer, dental, smoking, weight, all aspects of surgery, and much, much more. Learn to be flexible so you can individualize for your clients’ success. This is not a course on reading scripts. Learn new information so that you can practice in the field of Mind/Body Intervention INCLUDING “Hypnosedation”, a technique that is used for certain surgeries at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Gain the knowledge and confidence to get those referrals that will keep your practice growing.

What You Will Receive: Three information-packed days of intensive instruction, a manual for reference and experiential learning and two specific certifications suitable for framing.

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