Sean Michael Andrews

August 13, 14, 2019

Sean Michael Andrews’ Street Hypnosis!

Learn Street Hypnosis from the man who “wrote the book” on street hypnosis.
Street Hypnosis is more popular than ever! Do you want to learn this skill from the world’s premier street hypnotist? Do you want to be able to give impromptu demonstrations when people say to you, “You’re a hypnotist? Show me something!”?

These rapid and instant street inductions give a hypnotist the flexibility to hypnotize more people, the confidence to be more effective, and the ability to attract more clients. Client safety is the most important consideration and simple rules to ensure the comfort and safety of the subject will be emphasized in this class. Ericksonian confusion techniques as well as shock inductions will be demonstrated and PRACTICED. This is very much a HANDS ON class with a lot of practice. These inductions are applicable to street hypnosis, stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Every class member will receive:

  • My video product “Deepening the Trance – Fifteen Ways to Achieve
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