Rory Z Fulcher

Stage & Street Hypnosis Skills 101

This 2-day course has been designed to teach you how to get to grips with using hypnosis for entertainment purposes in any setting, whether with friends, strangers or even potential hypnotherapy clients (many people want to see a ‘demo’ before they sign up to work with a hypnotherapist). Also, it’s great for those people who are looking to become professional stage hypnotists or expand on existing stage/street hypnosis knowledge…

This course is not only a great introduction into the world of ‘entertainment hypnosis’ but also a great way to refresh and build your suggestion skills, your hypnotic delivery, your understanding of stage hypnosis techniques, and your confidence in more effectively using hypnosis whatever the area, be it stage, street or therapy!

Note: This course does not focus on the ‘business setup’ aspects or the ‘stage management’ side of stage hypnosis, but only the practical skills required to entertain and amaze with hypnosis …those skills that will help you to actually go out and DO IT!

On DAY 1 of the Stage & Street Hypnosis 101 course, you will learn how to pick volunteers (suggestibility/susceptibility testing), how to Hypnotize people FAST (rapid inductions), how to use rapid trance deepening methods, and how to ‘deprogram’ and wake up volunteers.

On DAY 2 of the Stage & Street Hypnosis 101 course, you will learn a stage hypnosis-style ‘rapid progressive’ induction, you will create your own ‘pre-talk’, you will learn how to recognise and achieve different types of hypnotic phenomena, and how to create funny skits & sketches (sticking people to the floor, making them forget their names/numbers, making them believe they’ve won the lotto jackpot, etc…). You will be practicing these awesome, fun techniques in class. A lot of time, experience and research has gone into making this course the very best option for you to learn stage & street hypnosis skills, covering more in 2 days than many trainers could ever expect to cover, whilst keeping the course-content in-depth, fun and highly practical.

No previous knowledge is required in order for you to join this course and anyone is welcome to sign up. We welcome students from all cultures, careers and lifestyles (note: this class is not suitable for non-English speakers. You need a very good understanding of English in order to participate in this class). That said, if you have any psychological disorders (such as psychosis, clinical depression, schizophrenia, etc), are using mind-altering medication or are not in an emotionally stable state, we ask that you do not attend this course.

This course follows a practical format, so NO, it’s not a boring ‘lecture’ course – you will be getting involved, and you will be hypnotizing people and having fun with hypnosis! So, if you don’t want to actually hypnotize real people, DON’T BOOK A PLACE ON THIS COURSE!!!