Rob De Groof

August 20, 21, 2019

Jeffrey Stephens Protocol Certification

In this hands-on training you will learn Jeffrey Stephens’ 10 step direct hypnosis protocol for creating rapid change in 20 minutes or less.
The moment you know the system your success and self-confidence as a hypnotherapist will get an amazing boost.

As one of the only three official trainers Rob will teach you the fundamentals and the underlying thoughts amazing protocol.
Every single step of the procedure will be demonstrated, explained and practiced.

You will be able to watch two full sessions (weight loss and depression) conducted by the late Jeffrey Stephens on video, footage that has never been shown before.

You will also witness a full therapy session performed by Rob with one of the students.

One of the benefits of this protocol is that you don’t rely on scripts so actually you don’t need to know much about the problem your client wants to get rid of.
Once you master this easy to learn system you can work with any type of issue.
Both Jeffrey, Rob, Rob’s therapists, and JS protocol practitioners from all over the world did solve problems they never heard of before.

Many seasoned hypnotherapists from all over the world changed their way of working with great success immediately after this training.

Rob’s successful HypnosisCentre in Belgium is built on the success of this protocol. At the moment he has six therapists working for him in three different cities.

Sign up for this two days post-convention training and become a certified Jeffrey Stephens protocol practitioner.

You will receive a printed manual in English (also available in Dutch, German and French).
Every student is granted access to an online library with extra content ( full session videos, digital manuals, different sessions explained…)

After this training, all attendees will be invited to join our secret Facebook group where students from all over the world can ask questions or give feedback about their experiences with this protocol in the therapy room.

Every participant will get an official Jeffrey Stephens protocol certificate and the one and only JS Practitioner pin.

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