Rick Green

Auguat 19, 2019

Get Rapid Results through RE-Coding and RE-Shifting — By-pass the Concious Mind Quickly, Easily, and Certainly.

Almost like magic – you can address the Unconscious mind directly and easily. You will LOVE the look of Amazement as your client knows that change has taken place and quickly. You will discover the SECRET CODE that fits your client’s mind directly and individually. The Secret Code that you can Re-shift quickly, easily, and expeditiously. You will find out how to multiply the meaning behind your words — to become more powerful, eloquent, and hypnotic in your sessions, and in your life!

The basis for this was explained to me by a former MOSSAD agent in a study of Scientific Content Analysis. Originally developed as a truth detection device for Unconscious communication, I found it’s true value is the direct access to the Unconscious Mind for change work. Many clients cannot express in words their anxiety, fears, etc. They love this communication device. Imagine how much time you will save in session. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – this is worth volumes! You will leave with new knowledge and a detailed guide book to give you the step by step procedures. Not only that — We will do some in session hypnotic exercises to learn, retain, and remember the course. These Techniques are not only powerful therapeutic devices – they open your own awareness, calibration, and rapport skills exponentially!

As an aside — you will become a human lie detector – and other superhero skills! It must be experienced. Join me! Limited to 30 people.

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