Mohammed Sheikh

HeartMath – The Resilience Advantage™ (Skills for Personal Effectiveness)

In this skill-based program, you will learn practical tools and strategies to build and strengthen emotional resilience.

Based upon the Institute of HeartMath’s research into the physiology of optimal performance, you will walk away with concrete practices that increase well-being, mental clarity and emotional stability.

Workshop topics include:
-The latest findings from optimal-performance research.
-Skills for building resilience in the face of change and uncertainty.
-Intelligent energy self-regulation techniques.
-Practical ideas for easily integrating valuable tools into everyday routines.

This full day program creates space for self-reflection and introspection. We will have opportunities in the workshop to apply the concepts and techniques in our own unique life situations and leave with a complete understanding of how our emotions affect our health, a toolbox of techniques to build and sustain our internal resilience and an action plan to apply moving forward.

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