Kaz Riley & Freddy Jacquin

August 13, 14, 2019

Sensual Intelligence with Kaz Riley and Freddy Jacquin

Sensual Intelligence. The ability to overcome fears, limiting beliefs, inhibitions, misplaced guilt and shyness.
Freddy Jacquin and Kaz Riley have combined their years of experience and expertise to bring you something very special to HTL 2019. This unique workshop is designed to help you discover your inherent sensual intelligence, connecting your mind and body in the most amazing way! You will also learn how to help others discover their Sensual intelligence and how to facilitate client sessions and workshops in sensual intelligence. Hypnotic Sensual intelligence is about awakening all of the senses, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and cerebrally, to help a person to connect in with themselves and to better connect with others.
Sensual intelligence not only helps people grow in confidence, but allows the release of guilt and shame, so that they can communicate fearlessly with a partner and themselves. People with sensual intelligence are able to truly feel and be freed from the conditioning of the modern world. Sensual intelligence can also be used to heighten sexual and sensual experiences, and helps people be freed of unwanted inhibitions that can hold them back in many aspects of their life.
This practical based workshop fills the gap between clinical hypnosis and recreational hypnosis, packed full of Scripts, protocols and lots of feel good vibes.

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