Karl Smith

F.A.S.T Course with Karl Smith

Karl Smith, one of the UK’s leading Hypnotherapists, will be presenting the F.A.S.T course again at HT 2019. He has been asked by popular demand to do this course again, and demonstrate, and teach his F.A.S.T techniques. F.A.S.T is an acronym for Freakin’ Awesome Speedy Techniques. These are not ‘flashy’ stage based techniques and have a clear and clinical structure to their delivery. The techniques are not meant to challenge, but to complement, and enable people to have a greater variety in how they choose to deliver their therapy sessions. The law of requisite variety states “He or she who has the greatest flexibility of operation will win out in most circumstances”. There is a structure and a consistency to the apparent chaos. I have delivered this course three times in the UK and will be delivering it again in Las Vegas at Hypnothoughts 2019. If you want two days of cutting edge and crazily rapid (no…really rapid) techniques then this course is a ‘MUST DO’. Karl will ‘enter-train’ you in this stuff, it is an interactive course with lots of practical work. It is fast and pacy as the name suggests, so you may want to bring a Red Bull along with you. It is also huge fun.

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