Certified TFT (Tapping) course with bonus “Dynamic Energy” workshop on day 2

Janet Thomson

Workshop Description

TFT (Thought Field Therapy) is the original “Tapping” therapy created by Dr Roger Callahan from which all other forms of tapping are derived. TFT is an elegant, simple, non invasive process that can bring about real emotional healing. Its beauty is that it can be done content free, there’s no need to speak about the experience or feeling in order to release its negative effects. Day one of this unique course is a Certified Callahan Approved TFT training. Day 2 goes much further and integrates this amazing technique with a range of other energy based therapies, allowing you to experience an ecclectic mix of the very best and most effective techniques. You will learn how to blend them together in a unique way that can be bespoke either for you, or if you are working with others, for each individual.
In any healing modality there is no “one size fits all” and this amazing programme will teach you how to use and develop your own skills and instincts to create that magic space where change happens. This course is a perfect compliment to any holistic practice whether its mind based, such as hypnotherapy or coaching, or physical such as reflexology or massage, either for self care or for working with others. If you are already working with others with emotional distress you will know how vital it is to protect your own emotional energy and state and stay energised, and this is the perfect way to do that.

Janet trained with Dr Callahan and he wrote a glowing introduction for her book “Tapping For Life” and described her and her ability to teach this amazing technique as totally inspirational.


Janet Thomson  is a Best Selling author of 5 books and an international presenter and trainer. Formerly in the health and fitness industry Janet’s weight loss programme was number 1 in the UK charts and she was featured on TV and the media. Despite this success Janet realised that there was a missing piece to her programmes when a client said ” I just need to sort my head out”. After training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and as a TFT trainer she was inspired to train in a range of other therapies, and now specialises in combining behaviour change techniques specifically to enhance physical as well as emotional health. Janet’s effervescent personality and passion for her subject means that her sessions are as entertaining as they are inspirational and informative.

Tuesday, Wednesday, August 18-19, 2020

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