Garry Coles

August 15, 2019

The ‘Release’ Protocol – one day certification course

The ‘RELEASE’ Protocol – One Day Certification Masterclass
Presented by Garry Coles – ‘The Hypnotherapist’s Hypnotherapist’!
Why should you take the RELEASE Protocol Certification Masterclass?
Do you seriously want to up your therapy game? Would you like higher success rates, faster success, sure fire ways of working? Do you want an easy to follow protocol designed, refined and proven in the field, used with thousands of clients to give amazing results with almost laser guided precision? Do you want to be the best? To have success with even really difficult cases? Then read on and book this masterclass today.

What is the RELEASE Protocol?
Being the UK’s ‘Hypnotherapist’s Hypnotherapist’ (The GO TO Guy for difficult cases), I regularly mentor qualified hypnotherapists who would like higher success rates, faster success, sure fire ways of working. They have learnt all the techniques, have experience, but occasionally ‘something’ is still missing. They are still not getting the amount of successes they would like, or they are taking too long to achieve them.

Many are often astounded by my almost automatic successes (even in very complex cases referred to me by other therapists, doctors and psychiatrists) and wonder how I can be that successful. They are amazed to learn that I have a four session (max) protocol, developed by me, used with thousands of clients, that no-one else in the world uses!
They then ask me ‘show me how you do it’!
For the first time ever, due to unprecedented demand, I am going to do just that in a masterclass!
I will show you the RELEASE Protocol, how to package and improve everything you do for maximum results, whatever the client has come to you for!
I will show you how to fine tune your techniques, (such as parts therapy, you will never have encountered it used like this?!) to give fast, effective almost ‘laser guided’ results. I will show you the most efficient ways of getting to the causes of problems and issues and the most effective ways of dealing with them.
Supercharge everything you do, from your pre-talk, your use of sub modalities, regression, inner child work and so much more.
You owe it to your clients to be the best – Learn the RELEASE Protocol and BE THE BEST!

A small part of what will be covered on the day:-
The most important thing that you must get right from session one onwards otherwise you will fail (and it’s not rapport)
Why the pretalk is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to get totally spot on!
The 3 things that are sabotaging your success through your pretalk.
How can you ensure that your ratifier / convincer will work EVERY time, gaining instant compliance and rapport?
What are you not saying that gives the client ‘wriggle room’ in the session? Ensure they are 100% tied to the process and the result.
How to make resistance seem normal and how to then utilise it in your favour.
How to supercharge parts / ego state therapy, no long-winded parts negotiation sessions, laser guided and authoritarian, get the result the client really wants fast without wasting time and giving them room to doubt.
Knowing when to use fast interventions and went not to – and which ones to use and how.
Ensure the induction works every time.
The one little thing that no-one else does with weight loss clients that increase results rapidly.
Virtually failproof IMR setup technique, gets IMR’s every time without fail.
Secrets of getter better success with smoking cessation (from someone who has over 95% success rates!)
Get faster, better targeted, intuitive regression if required
The fastest ‘RELEASE’ inner child / Gestalt hybrid approach.
Learn to think outside the box.
Utilise the mind of the client to do the work for you.
Demonstrations, tips and real life case histories.

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