Freddy Jacquin

August 15, 2019

Modern Hypnotism Workshop and The Arrow Technique

Modern Hypnotism Workshop
Training in techniques described in Freddy Jacquin’s book ‘Hypnotherapy’, including:

The Arrow Technique,
The Jacquin Power Lift Induction,
The Jacquin Time Machine.
The Jacquin Total Perception Management Technique
Group Hypnosis.

Each participant will receive a written and audio version of Freddy’s book, in which all of the techniques learned in the workshop are described in detail for future reference.

Freddy H. Jacquin is a vastly experienced hypnotherapist, founder of the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy and creator of The Arrow Technique. This course will be practical and packed with real world insights from his 25+ years of professional hypnotherapy practice.

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