Bruce Eimer

August 13, 14, 2019

Pain Hypnotherapy Practitioner Level 1 Certification

Hypnotherapists who are trained and certified to work with clients who have chronic pain can grow their practice substantially. This intensive 2-day workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of pain management for the practicing hypnotherapist. Attendees will learn an effective pain hypnotherapy protocol tied to a current scientific understanding of the neuropsychology of pain mechanisms. This protocol covers the pain intake interview, the assessment of the client’s pain coping strategies, the pain hypnotherapy pre-talk, the formulation of individualized pain relief/pain management strategies and hypnotic suggestions, the choice of an appropriate hypnotic induction and deepeners, and the use of post-hypnotic suggestions to teach self-hypnosis for analgesia. Successful completion of this workshop will result in Level 1 Certification as a pain hypnotherapy practitioner.

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