Profound Somnambulism Protocol




Stephanie Conkle
July 26-27

“The Profound Somnambulism Protocol speaks for itself (Literally!). Stephanie Conkle teaches a deepening protocol that engages certain hypnotic phenomena which allow the client’s Subconscious to talk back to the hypnotherapist in full sentences (direct voice) with the conscious mind out of the way.

Talking to the SC like an old friend is much better than getting ideomotor responses by having to play 20 questions–hoping that it’s the Subconscious that is digitally talking back to you and not the client’s conscious mind.

The PSP is similar to some of the “ultra” hypnosis techniques in that you get the client into the deepest levels of somnambulism, but the main difference is when you talk to the Subconscious the personality of the SC emerges and talks back to you in clear sentences while the client is sleeping, dreaming, or out of the way observing using the client’s voice box. You do not need to use any ideomotor responses as they are not necessary. Plus, the SC will also heal any part of the client that needs healing, restoration, or repair–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

More than half of your clients will wake up with partial to full amnesia of the session. The rest who observe and remember the session still enjoy the same benefits and results as those who are hypnotically sleeping and forget the session, because they will all be at the deepest level of hypnosis.

Spiritual hypnosis can be done at these levels as well, and Stephanie takes you into the metaphysical aspects that can be accomplished in PS, like trance channeling, at the end of the workshop for those who are interested in learning this part of the PSP.

Take the guesswork out of your change work! and easy to follow techniques that can be implemented right away in your business or hypnosis practice. This knowledge will give you the edge on earning and attracting more success, clients, and money. It’s kind of like regular planning but better. (I think of it as planning with a turbo-charge!) Learn how to set Power Goals and find out just how quickly you can obtain more financial success.”

About This Presenter:

Stephanie Conkle is a client-centered clinical hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor. Conkle is an industry innovator, winning awards for her work with hypno-anesthesia, but mostly known for creating the highly successful Profound Somnambulism Protocol (the PSP). She is a published author, public speaker, mother of three, and an advocate for children with Autism. Her memberships include the NGH, ICBCH, AAH, IHF, and the IMDHA.