Past Life Regression Certification




Maria Bird
July 28

“Past Life Regression is a life-altering and transformative experience. For many, it offers healing and understanding of unconscious behaviors and conditions. For others, it’s an exploration of their psyche, and most of all, it’s fun.

You will learn and practice:
Four inductions to bring your client into trance
Regressions: Into Childhood, Infancy, In Utero, Past Lives
Gain confidence with applying these techniques with your clients
How to handle frightening or overwhelming experiences during a regression
What to do if your client becomes “stuck” or cannot move forward from a particular scene in the regression.
Exploring connections between past life experiences to present-day occurrences
Progressions and much more

You will also receive a manual with inductions, deepeners, scripts, pre-talk, intake form, and questions to ask yourself when building a business.

Although I do not advertise for past life regression, I get several inquiries each week about past life regression. It’s a booming business and well worth exploring.”

About This Presenter:

Maria Bird strategically guides her clients to improve their performance, gain self-confidence, and effectively communicate in every area of life including career, family, personal & business relationships. She has over 25 years of finance and sales experience and has acquired 20+ years of training in Personal Development in Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Voice, and other modalities. She is also certified with Past Life Regression Therapy and has trained extensively with Brian Weiss, MD