Mentalism Mastery




Misha Tuesday
Aug 1

“Mentalism is the art of presenting supernatural-seeming mental connections between people. Some of mentalism involves stage magic trickery, but the bulk of the art consists of understanding humans and their psychological workings in order to create inner experiences of wonder. Sound familiar? That’s because there is a lot of overlap between mentalism and hypnosis.

In this intensive workshop, we will begin with the magic trick side. You will learn to present:
* reading and projecting thoughts mind to mind (telepathy)
* seeing hidden objects (clairvoyace)
* predicting the future (precognition)
* moving objects without touching them (psychokinesis)
* telling people you’ve never met things about them that you couldn’t know (cold reading)

We will also examine the subtle principles behind mentalism which can be used to enhance:
* entertainment hypnosis
* clinical hypnosis
* sales and entrepreneurship
* relationships
* and mastery of life!

If you’ve ever been curious about mentalism and using your skills to enhance your life and the lives of others, this is an unprecedented opportunity to deep dive into the hidden and secret side of human psychology.”

About This Presenter:

Misha Tuesday, The Mystic Hypnotist, is a Michigan-based performer and hypnotic coach. He learned his first induction over 30 years ago, and has been using his skills to entertain and inspire ever since. Misha is the founder of Hypno-Energize as well as the creator of ActiveTarot, and is passionate about layering rational and intuitive techniques to create impact and change.