Mentalism for the Hypnotist Intensive Workshop




Tracy Gray
July 26-27

In this intensive workshop, you will learn multiple mentalism techniques, tools, and effects that you can incorporate immediately into your stage work, hypnotherapy sessions and even everyday life. You will find it easier to acquire clients and shows. You will leave with the ability to perform an entire mentalism show or add to your current hypnosis show in a way that is unique to you and your client! The focus of the workshop is to learn techniques, practice in class and then practice on the street. In the evening, we will be moving to the streets or local bar to work with real people. You WILL leave with the confidence to perform skills that make you the life of the party.

About This Presenter:

Tracy Gray, M.S, CHt, is a college biology professor and master hypnotist. She performs and teaches all over the country with her unique mix of mentalism and hypnosis. She also uses her hypnotic and mentalism skills to help people make the jump to higher levels in her hypnotherapy business aptly named “My Brain Shifts”. Her teaching style is very dynamic and fun. She engages her students quickly and instills their confidence in performing. And in 2021, she was named Hypnotist of the Year by her peers!