Men in Crisis




Nickolas Ely
July 28

“The numbers don’t lie. The catastrophic increase in male mental illness, self harm and self destruction is only on the increase.
Meanwhile the mental health resources properly attributed to this crisis is tragically low.

Key to understanding the causes and proper handling of this phenomenon is our own understanding of both the primal archetypal structure of the male psyche, the society that informed it and the interchange between the two.

Here, we’ll study and learn how to identify and assist with male presentation of depressive states, anxiety, loneliness, group dynamics, self harm, sexual issues, legal and criminal issues, identity crisis and much, much more.

If you are a man, care about a man or just know a man, this is something you absolutely need to know, study and practice.”

About This Presenter:

“Nickolas is a hypnotist, trainer, teacher, martial artist and magician specializing in finding the magick hidden in everyday life and everyday minds.
He’s the owner of Liberation Hypnosis and Gungnir Fitness and Wisdom and one of the cooler, most awesome and humble folks you can meet.”