HypnoKids – Kids & Teen Hypnosis Training from Switzerland




Barbara Scholl
August 1-3

The HypnoKids® training has already enchanted all of Europe and Brazil! Now it comes to your doorsteps at HTL in USA! You will get all the know-how from A-Z to start working with kids and teens first day after the training! Barbara Scholl is OMNI trained and a well known speaker and bestselling author on the topic. In her highly professional and very dynamic training she will make all her know-how and passion swap over to you! Be ready to fall in love with HypnoKids® and heal the youngest!

About This Presenter:

I am Barbara Scholl from Zürich, Switzerland. I am the OMNI HypnoKids® Instructor on a global basis. I have all my spotlights on Child Hypnotherapy. My goal is to pass on my passion and all my know-how to other hypnotherapists because we urgently need many many many more specialists to heal children and teenagers. This is my wholehearted path.