Gorilla Hypnosis




Rich Guzzi
August 2-3

Description:   Learn the only 5 hard core inductions you will ever need again to hypnotize any subject super deep and super fast.  Watch your confidence explode as you become a walking induction machine hypnotizing anybody anyplace anytime.  Everything is covered from one on one in any situation, in the office or out in the street, corporate events and trainings, parties, impromptu meetings, zoom groups and individuals as well as 1000 seat theaters.

About This Presenter:

Rich Guzzi has been an international touring headliner for more than three decades as a comedian, speaker, hypnotist and motivational speaker.  With more than 10,000 shows to his credit and well over 1000 additional TV and Radio appearances he is widely considered one of the most experienced stage performers ever. The inspirational tone to his appearances coupled with an extensive comedy background make him extremely versatile and sought after by corporations and fans alike.

With an already solid Hollywood background in acting, directing and professional screenwriting. Rich then coupled his professional skills of stand up comedy, martial arts, NLP, sales and hypnosis. Creating the ultimate training experience for his clients looking to become more effective leaders, executives and social media influencers and have their businesses thrive.

Originally Born in Brooklyn NY, he now lives in a log cabin outside of Nashville Tennessee with 3 dogs, 3 cats, ducks, a random donkey and his neighbors all think he is in the witness protection program.