Gold Medal Sports Performance Hypnosis




Joni Neidigh/Caryn Bird
August 2-3


About This Presenters:

Joni Neidigh is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida and has been in private practice for over 28 years. Joni is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer for ICBCH. Joni specializes in sports performance and anger and violence intervention, Joni assists athletes, teams, and coaches ranging from beginners to Olympians and professionals. She has hosted international teams including Spain, Brazil, Australia, Scotland, and Italy.

Joni loves public speaking and travels regularly to deliver talks at conferences, clubs, coaches clinics, and colleges. She has served as a main stage speaker for Genentech and SoccerEx. She especially enjoys moderating panels.

Joni Is the author of AIM Gold Medal Mental Toughness Success Guide and the AVIP Guide for anger and violence groups. She has produced numerous audio products to assist with athletic performance and well-being and she offers sports hypnosis certification opportunities.”

Caryn is the founder of Win With Hypnosis, based in Wisconsin, and for 15 years has worked with coaches and athletes at all levels to build confidence and mental toughness. Caryn is the author of Hypnos-Niche – The Power of Niching for a Successful and Profitable Hypnosis Business, a book that makes the case for niching down as a hypnotherapist in order to stand out in the market and attract clients. She is also the creator of the Attitude of a Champion Program which provides hypnotherapists with a toolset and coaching to grow their practice in the sports hypnosis space.