From Basic to Badass




Jim Kellner
July 28



Have you ever met someone and as soon as they find out that you’re a hypnotist they immediately say, ‘Can you hypnotize me right now?’

Perhaps you reacted with dread at being put on the spot and told them that this wasn’t the best environment, but that they should come and see you in your office sometime.

They probably nodded their head and said they understood, but you could tell they were disappointed. Stop disappointing people! Every time you hypnotize someone it’s an opportunity to educate the public about hypnosis, give someone a short glimpse of the gift that hypnosis is, and maybe even get a client.

In this class, you’ll be performing hypnotic phenomena within minutes. In less than an hour, you’ll be able to start producing some of the easiest phenomena and by the end of the day, you’ll have a full toolbox of hypnotic tricks to use.
• Eye lock
• Magnetic fingers
• Sticky hands
• Hypnotic laughter
• Number amnesia
& More.

This class is full of practice, practice, practice. Learn and practice in a safe, supported, and playful environment. Then you’ll head out to the Las Vegas strip to amaze and delight random volunteers.

You’ll learn several time-tested inductions and keys to increasing success. You’ll even find out how to handle ‘failure’ confidently.

You’ll be able to practice those skills when we all head out to the Vegas strip to practice your brand new badass skills.

This workshop is meant for hypnotherapists, stage hypnotists, and those who want to do street hypnosis.

About This Presenter:

Jim Kellner, CHt is a Hypnotherapist, Comedy Hypnotist, Author, and TEDx Speaker.
He is committed to educating the public about the benefits of hypnosis and rallying other hypnotists to do the same. Jim allowed fear to stand in his way of pursuing his passions for far too long and now works hard to encourage others to follow their passions.

He currently tours the US doing speaking events and Comedy Hypnosis Shows for comedy clubs, schools, and corporate events.

He works with hypnotherapy clients nearly exclusively online and has spoken at numerous Hypnosis conferences.