EMDR skills for Hypnotherapists




Kate Beaven-Marks
August 2-3

“This workshop teaches you how to use EMDR techniques and approaches as a therapeutic tool within your hypnotherapy practice. You will learn how to adapt well-established protocols to suit a vast range of contexts, making it a valuable resource and useful addition to any hypnotherapist’s skill-set, whether novice or experienced. Hypnotherapists who have previously attended EMDR training and wish to refresh their skills are welcome, as are those who are new to EMDR.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, most commonly referred to as ‘EMDR’ is a highly useful and adaptable approach for any professional hypnotherapist. A valuable form of ‘bilateral stimulation’ (BLS), it is commonly used to help a client access, process and resolve bothersome, distressing or disturbing past (or future) experiences, negative beliefs and unwanted body sensations. Yet EMDR has so much more to offer! It can also be very effective in addressing anxiety (past, present, future events), phobias, and performance concerns (including professional, personal, and sporting performance). Indeed, the diversity of application is expanding rapidly. In addition to addressing issues and concerns, EMDR can also beneficially used to develop and enhance supportive positive responses and beliefs. This makes it a superb tool for ego strengthening, resource building and future pacing.

This highly practical and interactive training will explore popular EMDR approaches, together with adaptations for conditions and applications such as phobias, anxieties, anger, sport and weight management, as well as how to include these within your hypnotherapy practice. Both in-person and online approaches will be included and therapist and client self-care approaches are also taught.”

About This Presenter:

“Dr. Kate Beaven-Marks is an energetic, enthusiastic, experienced clinical hypnotist, hypnotherapy trainer, international presenter and author, with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of hypnosis which is supported by her extensive studies and research (including doctoral research of how hypnotherapy is taught) and a broad range of practical applications including medical and surgical hospital environments and a busy London-based hypnotherapy practice. As well as teaching with HypnoTC and creating courses with Hypnosis-Courses.com (co-founder), she teaches in Universities, Colleges and in the NHS. Contributing to the hypnotherapy profession is a key interest for Kate, together with a passion for raising hypnotherapy education standards. She is an experienced and sought-after clinical supervisor and has an active role on the Profession Specific Board for Hypnotherapy with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and is Chair of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH). This is supported by a range of memberships and Fellowships with a broad range of hypnotherapy, education and professional organizations.”