Become a Certified Confidence Hypno-Coach – build a business and have FUN doing it!




Rick Green
Aug 1

“Are you ready to take yourself to the NEXT LEVEL? How would you like to Excel in Hypnosis – and be able to handle any issue that comes along? Not only to BE Confident – but inspire others to the same level?


It is a Business in a Box! One that will pay back your investment many times over. One small group session is all it takes to pay you back – making this essentially FREE!! Earn up to $4000.00 a day with little advertising.

You will learn the ins and outs of how I have helped countless people (many hypnotists) gain confidence and belief in themselves – to take on new challenges – step out into their greatness – and let go of all that was holding them back.

I am currently training motivated people to do the same. Whether you prefer one to one clients or group sessions, there is a HUGE market for this. Unlimited!. People want Confidence, people need confidence, people crave confidence. Help them leave their fears and old beliefs behind. They have lived lives of regret – of missed opportunities, missed relationships, missed career goals all because of lack of Confidence.

Don’t let that happen to you. In fact — you are the answer to their problem.

The class itself will be highly experiential — installing in YOU the very attributes they crave. Imagine standing in front of a crowd and commanding the room. A room of people who paid you to help them. Imagine how easy it is for you now that you have the skills.

You will get trained in AND experience the next level hypnosis methods. You will get a manual on how to present these workshops to groups. This manual includes the methods – scripts, low cost marketing, strategies, locations, How to follow up. etc etc….

You will also get the hand out materials for your class that help convert them into paying clients for other issues. Maximize your efforts. Turn them into loyal Fans.

Those passing the class will be Certified as a Confidence Hypno-Coach by the Mid-America Hypnosis Academy.”

About This Presenter:

Captain Rick Green CHT is a retired law officer with over 38 years experience in high risk duties. As such he has directly encountered all aspects of traumatic events, including officer involved shootings, homicides, police suicides, and suicide by police. He has taught stress management and resiliency in Police Academies. He has been doing hypnosis in one form or another since the Eighties. Founder of Changes Ahead Hypnosis – he specializes in Trauma Resolution and Confidence skills.