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William Horton


Will Horton is a licensed psychologist and the world’s leading NLP trainer and is the go to expert in treating addictions using NLP and Hypnosis. Most of his clients are professionals in the self help field. he has inpatient, outpatient, and other addiction treatments units and is the author of “The Alcohol and Addiction Solution”

Neuro Biology in NLP and Hypnosis Neuro Plasticity Made Simple

That, to an extent, the science of neuo-plasticity is accessible to everyone. Neuro-plasticity is a growing field of research in neuroscience, and new findings can help us help people.
Learn :What is Neuro Biology
What is Neuro Plasicity How can this be used in Hypnosis and NLP?
Some simple Neuro Hacks for success and habit control

Hypnoaddictionology The Ultimate Hypnotic and NLP protocol for Addiction Recovery

In this Cutting Edge HYPNOADDICTIONOLOGY 1 Day Workshop
You will learn:
• The difference between addictions and bad habits
• A new addiction model
• The truth of the 12 step program
• An easy to learn protocol that you can use NOW!
• Effective brain hacks to overcome cravings and withdrawal
(Demonstrations and Handouts Included)