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William Bullock


I have been a Hypnotherapist in Australia for nearly 30 years. I come from a family of Hypnotherapists. My Father Leslie, opened his practice in the 1960’s and worked till he passed. I have a brother and sister who are also Hypnotherapists. I trained with my father and Gil Boyne, and partook in workshops with Ormond McGill and Marleen Mulder when they visited Australia in the early 90’s.
I specialize in addictions, anxiety and phobias. I have helped many smokers quit in one session.
I am the President of the PCHA and secretary of the HCA, the umbrella organization for Hypnotherapy groups in Australia.

The Importance of your first contact with a potential client and the Hypnotic Preamble

This is a two part workshop. Firstly, when a client contacts you for the first time it is important to have a clear plan of how to ensure they book with you. In this world of price based decisions, differentiating your practice is important. Secondly, The initial interview when a client arrives and how to explain Hypnosis and the process to them so that you can maximize the effect of the work you do with them and allay any fears or questions they may have. What I call the Hypnotherapeutic Preamble. Setting them and yourself up for success. The presentation will include a simple role play to explain the theory. I believe it will be beneficial to beginning and experienced therapists.