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Wendy Merron


Wendy Merron is a Board Certified Hypnotist and author of the Amazon bestseller Powerful Thinking On Purpose. A Certified Instructor since 2005, she offers a popular hybrid Hypnosis Training Course online and at her office in Wayne, PA. Since 2002 she has presented to groups ranging from 2 to 150 people.

Show Them. Don’t Tell Them! Give A Powerful Interactive Pre-talk To Prime Your Clients for Success

The old way of doing a Pre-Talk is to talk about how hypnosis bypasses the critical factor, blah, blah, blah…

As hypnotists, we understand how crucial it is to change our thinking so we don’t spend our day reacting to the thoughts in our mind.

The new way provides the client with a blueprint of how and why it’s key to direct their thoughts on a daily basis.

Understanding the importance of directing daily thoughts makes it easier for a client to be willing to be aware of their thoughts and do their daily self-hypnosis.

During your new Pre-Talk, you’ll learn

– How to visually explain the Subconscious Mind

– Two powerful exercises that illustrate the Mind-Body connection

– The Cruise Ship Metaphor

When we share tools with our clients we help empower them to rely on themselves to create the successes in their lives.

Feel free take some or all of what you learn in this presentation to improve your Pre-Talk, and notice more of your clients achieve their goals.