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Victoria Gallagher


Victoria Gallagher is a Certified Master Hypnotist who creates effective self-help and meditative recordings, delivered through online courses, audio programs, and live seminars. As founder of in 1999 (and about 30 other websites), Victoria has written and recorded over 500 hypnosis recordings, 20 audiobooks, 60 Personal Growth Video Training Modules, iPhone hypnosis apps, contributed to a Best-Selling book and is currently writing her own book. Her Lead Magnets have contributed to a highly profitable, prosperous, and passive income.

10 Unique Lead Magnets You May Never Have Heard of Before

Lead Magnets have become a universally-implemented tool in the internet marketing world. They are an effective way to provide value to your clients and potential clients while fueling your marketing funnels. Victoria will present the 10 Unique Lead Magnet ideas to attract new potential customers that you might never have encountered before. You will learn:

What are some of the most effective Lead Magnets
How to Sell, without being Salesy
Ways to come up with content for offering your Lead Magnets
What are the next steps to take with each of your leads.

And so much more. Victoria draws on her almost 20 years of hypnosis internet-marketing experience to help you design the Lead Magnet strategy that will increase your business growth when they are used properly.