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Tracy Riley


Dr. Tracy Riley obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Auburn University in Social Work, and then a Master’s Degree, also in Social Work, from Florida State University. She has been licensed as an LCSW in Florida for over 10 years. She furthered her training, experience, and education by initially learning hypnosis in the form of Rapid Resolution Training from Dr. Jon Conelly, LCSW, and obtained a special certification from the University of Colorado in Death and Grief Studies. Most recently, Dr. Riley completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. With her southern charm and good natured humor, Dr. Riley’s superpower is energetic communication; the key ingredient she uses to inspire, influence and impact.

Scope of Practice: Hypnosis in Your Office or In Jail

Hypnotists often walk a tightrope when defining the limits of their scope of practice. In this course, we will examine the ethical and moral guidelines, as well as training comparison of a hypnotist and mental health clinician. We will also debate at what point an incoming or established client should be referred to the licensed clinician and/or psychiatrist.

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference