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Tracy Gray


Tracy Gray, M.S. is a long-time mentalist and college professor from Denver, Colorado. She added hypnosis to her skill set about 6 years ago and loves dovetailing the two arts. She started her hypnosis career as a street performer and moved into stage shows as well as hypnotherapy. Now, she performs for house parties, high schools, colleges, fairs, and corporations all over the country. She finds the mentalism skills she uses make hypnosis even easier and is a great way to add amazement and added value to a show. Tracy loves to teach and is always excited when her students can take away solid tools to make their shows shine brighter!

Adding Value with Street and Stage Mentalism!

Want to learn to use mentalism to build rapport and engage an audience before, during and after a hypnosis show? This class will teach you ways to build excitement for a hypnosis show with classic tools of mentalism such as the nail writer, center tear and other effects in a strolling/street or stage environment. Then, we will demonstrate how you can use mentalism effects as a “warm up” for stage hypnosis shows and how to move from a strictly hypnosis show into a mentalism show in a smooth effective way. The number of effects taught will depend on the time allotted. Finally, we will talk about the psychology of why mentalism puts you in a great position for hypnosis and how these skills add value to any hypnosis show. Some of the curriculum from Tracy’s “Mentalism for the Hypnotist” seminar will be used for the class. You can find out more information on that class by going to Not only is Tracy a hypnotic performer, she is also a college professor who loves teaching and helping people gain new skills!